Affiliate Playrollers refer and earn $200 (twice*)

Who in your circle could be growing quicker by making auto-compliant new hires faster in any country, with zero legal liability? Make their day, and yours (and ours). Refer and earn up to $400 each time.

* Earn another $200 when they make their first 3 Playroll hires in their first 3 months

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Referring is as easy as accidently working through lunch

Join the Playroll partner ecosystem to reap the benefits of our global network and get rewarded as a Playroll partner.

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Become an affiliate Playroller

Click ‘Join our affiliate programme’. Tell us a few simple things we need to know and we’ll send over what you need to start referring.

Got someone in mind to refer?

Send them your Affiliate Playroller link. Or share it with business contacts and people in your social channels.

Refer and earn 

Every new signup you refer earns you $200. Then another $200 if they hire 3 new employees via Playroll in their first 3 months.

“Who should I refer to start earning?”

Maybe you know some of these people

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MDs and CEOs

Playroll creates strategic agility by letting you quickly grow overseas teams and position yourself in new key markets with greatly reduced risks..

Playroll Pros

Payroll pros work miracles to pay everyone on time. But they really shouldn’t. Playroll to automate those tax and compliance miracles so payroll pros can lose less time to routine monthly admin.

In-House recruiters

Playroll expands talent search globally, connecting job opportunities with countless qualified people across every country on earth. Place the right talents in the right roles, no matter here they play.

HR Managers

Global HR narratives means a global headache you could do without. Playroll simplifies multinational HR admin into one semi-automated, intuitive workflow.

CFOs & Financial Controllers

Writing a cheque to hire and grow teams in new countries? Don’t forget to add all the unseen costs nobody told you about before you signed. Playroll manages down the spiralling cost and financial risk of hiring or relocating talents abroad.

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Help your network hire borderless and grow your referral earnings

Help them play with experience

Playroll is founded on over 20 years of experience hiring and growing locally compliant teams as part of VAT IT Group.

Help them play with human support

Automation is great. But only for things that should be automated. All support and legal advice will be human-backed.

Help them play by the rules

We’ll keep all of your referrals continuously compliant with local employment law and obligations in each country they hire in.

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