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Published: October 10, 2022

Africa’s Leading Employer of Record Attends AFSIC 2022

We’re excited to rub shoulders with the business leaders and decision makers who are there to create lasting, transformative connections. And we’re ready to play our part in opening Africa’s doors to the world.
Africa’s Leading Employer of Record

London, 10-11 October 2022 – When it comes to investing in Africa, it doesn’t get bigger than AFSIC. This event will connect attending companies with the decision makers and investors they need to activate their growth plans.

As the largest invest in Africa event outside of Africa, AFSIC will reach over 120,000 people, including some of the biggest players in a wide range of industries. 

AFSIC spells opportunity for investors and companies alike, forging connections that are fuelling growth and economic transformation. A new technology frontier is forming, and as Github’s Omoju Miller put it, it’s unmistakably African. 

Opening doors to investment: Playroll to attend AFSIC 2022

We’re excited to announce that Playroll will be in the mix at AFSIC 2022, and we’re ready to play our part in accelerating growth for businesses in Africa. 

As the only global Employer of Record with a full office capability in South Africa, Playroll powers continent-wide expansion for leading corporations. Global companies rely on Playroll to connect them with Africa’s burgeoning talent market and accelerate Africa-based projects.

As a member of the VAT IT group, we’ve had 25 years to perfect the art of building international teams. Our clients enjoy seamless access to a truly global talent pool, without the need to set up their own local entities. 

Playroll is quickly emerging as the solution of choice for firms looking to invest and expand across the African continent. By enabling easy, compliant hiring, our solution cuts time to market for Africa-focused projects, putting the right people on the ground where and when they’re needed.

Through our extensive network of partners, we offer a full-service capability for companies to recruit, hire and retain the people they need to expand. 

Playroll: powered by VAT IT

One platform, all the world’s talent: Playroll’s technology-enabled global platform facilitates global expansion and allows companies to retain their top talent, wherever they live.

Our network of international subsidiaries covers over 170 countries, giving companies access to an entire world of talent, fuss-free, and with fully built-in compliance.

Discover how businesses are winning the race for talent, in Africa and beyond, with our global Employer of Record solution.

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