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Published: August 14, 2023

August Updates From Playroll

Welcome to the August edition of What's New in Playroll! This month, we bring you exciting updates and tools designed to enhance your hiring strategies and improve the management of your workforce.
August Updates from Playroll

We’ve been in overdrive this month, committed to providing you with a robust toolkit to kickstart your hiring journey and transform how you manage your distributed teams. From the introduction and enhancement of advanced tools designed to refine your Playroll experience to informative country-specific playbooks and enriching webinars that align with your global business goals– we’ve got your back. Now, let’s dig into the highlights of this month’s updates. 🚀

Key Takeaways

  • We understand the importance of financial clarity when managing large, distributed teams – Unlock financial clarity with Playroll’s detailed invoice breakdown report, a newly released beta version, designed to provide you with a detailed view of your invoicing landscape.
  • Better manage your global workforce with Playroll’s enhanced user permission functionality which now offers improved flexibility and customisation. Assign user specific permissions and roles to select team members – a critical enhancement for businesses with complex organisational structures.
  • Discover the edge you need for hiring in Pakistan with our latest country playbook. Explore insights on payroll, benefits, and more to amplify your hiring potential in Pakistan.
  • Uncover expert insights and proven strategies from our recent webinar on building strong remote teams, designed to guide your business through the complexities of establishing a globally successful workforce.

Unlock a New Era of 💰 Financial Clarity With The Playroll Detailed Invoice Breakdown Report

Introducing Playroll’s detailed invoice breakdown report, a new feature in Beta designed for customers managing large distributed teams, that require more detailed insight into the complex cost-structures of their workforce. The detailed invoice breakdown report, exports data relating to employee costs by month and year, to provide a more clear financial picture that includes a comprehensive breakdown of employee specific salary components, benefits, taxes, and more.

Explore the detailed invoice breakdown report.

Enhance workforce management with Playrolls improved User Permissions Functionality

Introducing Playroll’s enhanced User permission functionality. We understand that businesses and organisations have intricate structures, and our technology should reflect that complexity which is why we enhanced Playroll’s User Permission functionality. Designed to improve customisation and flexibility, the enhanced user permission functionality allows account admins to assign distinct roles to other platform users, allowing them to access different teams while maintaining the same global role. 

Explore Playroll’s enhanced user permission functionality.

Enhance workforce management with Playrolls improved user permissions functionality

The Ins and Outs of Hiring in Pakistan 

Navigating the hiring landscape in Pakistan can be complex, influenced by various factors that require careful thought, these include cultural diversity, regulatory nuances, and economic dynamics. Simplify your hiring journey with our Pakistan country guide, strategically designed to provide you with comprehensive insights that cover all aspects of hiring in Pakistan – from recruitment details to efficient payroll management, employee benefits, and more.

Navigate hiring in Pakistan with our country playbook.

Access everything you need to know about hiring in Pakistan with Playrolls country guide

How to Build Strong Remote Teams: An Integrated Guide 🗎

Remote work is here to stay, and it’s transforming the way businesses operate globally. In this era of globalisation, the key to driving business growth and fostering innovation lies in building strong remote teams. But let’s face it– it’s no walk in the park!

We’ve got your back with our ultimate guide that features expert insights from our most recent webinar on building strong remote teams. Uncover proven strategies that will empower your business to overcome the challenges of setting up global teams for success. 💪🌍🚀

Uncover expert tips to build strong remote teams.

Playroll in The News

Our Chief Operating Officer, Simonetta Giuricich recently had the pleasure of being invited to join an interview on Business Day Live focused on the impact of the brain drain on SMBs in South Africa. Drawing on Playroll’s recently released whitepaper on South Africa’s Brain Drain, Simonetta shared insights on where talent is going and the rising trend of young talent entering countries on skilled visas. During the interview Simonetta shared practical solutions to combat the growing loss of talent facing businesses in South Africa.  

Explore practical solutions to tackle the brain drain head-on.

Simonetta Guiricich, Chief Operating Officer at Playroll discussed the impact of the brain drain on South African business on Business Day Live.

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