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Published: December 8, 2022

Background and reference checking leader, Zinc, teams up with Playroll. 

Global hiring is the answer to almost all of today’s most urgent hiring woes. But it brings its own challenges, particularly when it comes to vetting international candidates and running cross-border checks.

Businesses venturing into the global talent pool need to know that the people they’re dealing with are who they say they are, and that there’s nothing problematic lurking in their histories. 

How do globally minded HR teams address this challenge? How can they reduce risk without adding unnecessary drag to their global expansion? The answer is Zinc: all-in-one background and reference checking tool, and most recent addition to Playroll’s partner network. 

Know exactly who you’re hiring with Zinc.

Zinc answers the need for swift, compliant cross-border checks that delight HR teams and candidates alike. With a single click, companies can verify candidate details in over 200 countries. The platform offers 12 of the most essential checks, including criminal history, educational background, identity and adverse media. Candidates retain ownership of their data, and are kept in the know throughout the process, for total transparency. 

And while conventional background checks can take weeks, Zinc offers an average turnaround time of 3 days. That reduces time to hire and provides smoother journeys for candidates. From start to finish, smooth ATS/HRIS integrations ensure optimal user experience for HR teams. 

By simplifying background and reference checks, Zinc empowers businesses to hire the right people, without breaking stride.

From verified to hired: borderless expansion with Playroll.

Together, Zinc and Playroll clear the most formidable obstacles to global hiring that companies face. Zinc’s best-in-class verification software reduces risk and boosts confidence at the hiring stage. From there, Playroll removes the administrative and legal complexities of hiring in foreign jurisdictions through its network of international subsidiaries and technology-enabled platform.  

Forward-thinking companies can now leverage our combined expertise and capabilities to successfully expand around the globe.

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