“A fast and efficient way to have employees abroad.”

Cardiomatics attracts and hires industry experts from around the world with Playroll.


The future of AI-enabled ECG analysis

Cardiomatics brings cutting-edge AI to ECG analysis, enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis. Their tool fuses deep medical expertise with machine learning to maximize the value that healthcare practitioners derive from ECG recordings.


Finding and retaining suitably qualified global talent

As a growing company with an international market, Cardiomatics was eager to start bringing world class talent onto their team. But they faced two major challenges:

  • Limited access to global talent: without foreign legal entities to hire through, hiring internationally remained just beyond their reach.
  • Talent attraction: independent contracting or business-to-business arrangements weren’t attracting the people Cardiomatics wanted to work with.


From zero to compliant,in a heartbeat

After researching various Employer of Record options, Cardiomatics decided to implement Playroll. Now, they’re able to create locally compliant contracts and offer competitive employment packages to the highly skilled people they need, anywhere on earth. Using Playroll, they have hired talent in countries like Cyprus, the UK and the Nethlerlands.

Simplicity is key
From day 1, Cardiomatics enjoyed using the easy-to-use dashboard to hire and manage remote staff.
Quick onboarding
The speed of onboarding people on Playroll is a standout feature for Cardiomatics: time savings for HR, smooth experiences for new hires.
Highly responsive
Cardiomatics appreciate the supportive, always-on customer service they receive from Playroll.
“I appreciate the solution, because it’s a very fast and efficient way for a company to have employees abroad. The team is very supportive and always responsive. So I strongly recommend Playroll.”
Klaudia Miśniakiewicz, People & Culture Manager

Hire compliantly in 170 countries