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How Kolleno accelerated global expansion using Playroll to hire from a wider talent pool.

MEET Kolleno:

Credit control platform with global plans

Kolleno is a sophisticated software revolutionising the way finance departments manage Accounts Receivable. Building a far-reaching service such as Kolleno meant widening the search for global talent.


International intentions met by
complex preventions.

Kolleno, based in the United Kingdom, planned to expand their presence in Canada and find talented software developers in other countries. Although Kolleno was ready to start their international hiring journey, they were met with the following challenges

  • Frightening costs of incorporating legal entities in foreign jurisdictions
  • No capacity to go into new markets and establish physical entities.
  • Unaware of the secret software development talent pool within South Africa.


Playroll accelerates Kolleno’s
global expansion

Kolleno was able to leverage Playroll’s international network of subsidiaries to hire talent in foreign jurisdictions, quickly and compliantly.

Built a fully-fledged Canadian team

Kolleno leveraged our Canadian subsidiaries to land and expand, paving the way for an established Kolleno entity in Canada

Software developers hired in South Africa

Kolleno now employs software developers in South Africa through Playroll’s established, on-the-ground presence in the country.

Whitepaper co-authored with Playroll

In collaboration with Playroll, Kolleno conducted original research on building remote finance teams


Rapid Growth in Canada and optimised productivity in South Africa

Through their partnership with Playroll, Kolleno has been able to establish themselves in Canada and expand their hiring even further afield.

“Wider Talent Pool
No longer limited to their local talent pool, Kolleno can recruit the best tech and finance talent, wherever they are.
“Onboarded within hours to a few days”
Adding new employees, loading their data and providing locally compliant contracts is quick and easy with Playroll.
“Great working relationship with the team”
Playroll’s customer success team ensures that Kolleno have everything they need, moment to moment.
“Playroll allows you to access a wider pool of talent who will help your business succeed, and we can focus on what matters.”
Djibrane Larrabure - Chief of Staff

Hire compliantly in 170 countries