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Published: September 15, 2023

Contractor Onboarding with Playroll: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the future of contractor onboarding! Playroll's user-friendly platform ensures contractors are onboarded quickly and compliantly in over 180 countries globally. Get started on your contractor journey.
Contractor Onboarding remotely

Key Takeaways

Playroll simplifies global contractor management, ensuring compliance and efficiency. The user-friendly platform simplifies contractor onboarding, making it easy for employers to manage their independent workforce. Employers can approve and pay invoices, including transaction fees, while contractors can submit invoices and track payments effortlessly.

Compliant Contractor Onboarding with Playroll

Playroll supports businesses looking to hire, pay and manage contractors compliantly and efficiently in over 180 countries, helping you avoid any misclassification risks along the way. By simply adding contractors to the Playroll platform, employers can effortlessly manage and pay their independent workforce, while focusing on their core operations. With a seamless contractor onboarding process, and an intuitive user-friendly platform, contractors can get to work quickly, effortlessly submit invoices and get paid into their bank accounts in their preferred local currency.

Setting up Your Contractor Account with Playroll

Getting started on your contractor journey is easy, by following a few simple steps you can quickly build your independent workforce.

Step 1: Add contractors to the Playroll Platform: Contractors can only access the Playroll platform once they have been added and invited to the platform by their employer.

Step 2: Contractor account verification: Contractors need to verify their account to get started with Playroll, by simply clicking the link in the account verification email.

Seamless contractor onboarding with Playroll

Step 3: Account Login. After verifying their account, contractors must create a secure password and login to the contractor platform to begin their contractor onboarding journey.

Effortless contractor onboarding with Playroll.
💡 Hot Tip: Follow the guidelines on setting up a strong password and store the password securely for easy future access.

Step 4: Account info verification: Contractors must verify all account information by selecting the verification checkbox.

Step 5: Sign the Playroll contractor agreement: Contractors need to read through the contractor agreement and sign once they are satisfied with the terms of the agreement. Once signed, a copy of the agreement will be sent via email and made available on the contractor platform.

Step 6: Sign up for Payoneer: After signing the Playroll contractor agreement, contractors must set up or link their Payoneer account to enable easy submission of invoices and withdrawal of funds.

Contractor Invoicing Made Simple

Playroll streamlines the process of submitting invoices and getting paid. Our platform provides contractors with a single hub to submit and view invoices, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Contractors can start submitting invoices via the Playroll contractor platform once their Payoneer account has been set up or linked and successfully authenticated in two simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the dedicated invoice section of the platform and select “New Invoice.”

Step 2: Provide all invoice details, including uploading an independent invoice and timesheet and submitting it for payment.

Submit contractor invoices with ease on the Playroll Contractor Platform.

Step 3: Once the invoice is submitted, it will appear in the Dashboard section of the Contractor platform, providing insight into all outstanding invoices, including those that have been paid.

Effortless contractor onboarding - View all contractor invoices within the Playroll contractor platform.

Paying Contractors with Playroll

Step 1: Approve or reject invoices: Once contractors submit their invoices, customers will find them in the dedicated contractor invoice section of their employer platform. Here, they can choose to either approve or reject the invoices as needed.

Approve or reject contractor invoices with Playroll

Step 2: Paying contractor invoices: Approved contractor invoices will automatically move to the “Awaiting Payment” tab. Here, employers can easily select invoices from different contractors, giving them the choice to cover transaction and foreign exchange (forex) fees associated with these invoices. This includes any fees contractors may incur when withdrawing funds through Payoneer.

Contractor invoices that are approved move to the awaiting payment status.

Step 3: Continue to the Payment Details Modal. Here, the contractor bank details are made available allowing electronic bank transfers to be made based on the contractors selected billing currency. Use the Playroll reference number displayed on the screen to ensure no payments are mismatched and processed effectively.

💡Hot Tip: Employers have 4 hours to make payment at the amount shown due to currency fluctuations.

Once confirmed, our platform will be on the lookout for the arrival of their payment, which will automatically be allocated to the contractor(s) Payoneer account. Contractors will be sent a notification when payment has been received and their account has been topped up!

Ready to get started on your contractor journey? Schedule a demo to learn more.

FAQ – Contractor Onboarding with Playroll

When can I submit my first Contractor Invoice?

Once your Payoneer Account has successfully undergone the review process and has been authenticated, you can submit your first invoice via the Playroll Platform.

How long does the Payoneer account review Process take?

The Payoneer account review process can take up to 3 business days.

Do I need external support to set up my Payoneer account?

No. The sign-up process for Payoneer has been thoughtfully designed for ease of use and convenience. Simply follow a few simple prompts to activate your Payoneer account.

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