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Published: November 7, 2023

The Untold Story of Playroll’s Company Values

Discover the driving principles behind Playroll's remarkable global journey. Unveil the transformative potential of company core values and their impact on fostering a borderless economy.
Playroll's Company Values

What motivates you to give your all in your work? 

Is it just the promise of a paycheck, or is there something deeper that ignites your passion? In an ideal world, work is about more than mere employment. It’s about finding satisfaction, forging connections with your colleagues, and, most importantly, making a meaningful impact.

What can give us the kind of feeling that makes work more than just … work?

It’s not a coincidence that today, 80% of the Fortune 100 proudly proclaim their company values, and companies with a strong sense of purpose consistently outperform others by a significant margin. Feeling connected to a company’s values, mission, and philosophy is not only a top reason why employees love where they work but also help build formidable customer-brand relationships.

How can you harness the power of company core values for your own organization? In this article, we’ll delve into the untold story of Playroll’s company values, explore various sets of values across different industries, and provide you with valuable insights and exercises to help you define your own company core values.

Born of global intentions

Venture capitalist, Erez Golan, and former VAT Reclaim CEO, Brendon Silver, founded Playroll in 2022 with the aim of accelerating a borderless economy. “From day one, we considered Playroll a global product. The very first lines of code that we wrote supported multi-currency payments, so it would be international. The amazing thing about the internet is that it connects everyone, everywhere – geography ceases to be relevant. We didn’t take that for granted,” says Golan. With Playroll we’re trying to break down borders, to empower people, anywhere to work together. “The secret to building a successful business is this: Empower talent who want to change the world, wherever they are,” said Silver. 

Playroll’s launch into the UK was just the beginning, with South African origins, other European and African countries quickly followed suit. It was clear as we grew, that geography would become less important in the talent economy, it was hard to imagine businesses not utilizing our solutions to manage their distributed teams. The internet economy is increasing everywhere, and that’s good news for the global people economy!

Playroll: Challenging the Status Quo

The pandemic created an urgent need to shift work online, the number of businesses using UK software platforms more than tripled. SaaS platforms are especially powerful for smaller, less technical firms. Note, 73% of small businesses in the UK now use at least one software platform. While many early adopters of Employer of Record services typically were digital-native startups, the profile of typical Employer of Record software users has grown to vary from industry and company size. 

In the post-COVID landscape, managing and maintaining employee remote working needs compliantly has been a huge driver in the growth of EOR services. While there are several incumbents in the space, Playroll has launched with an employee-focused model, taking on the best practices of legacy solutions when it comes to service, while leveraging best-in-class cloud solutions and AI automations of newcomers such as Deel and Remote for our payroll solutions.

Playroll understands that the key to a successful Employer of Record solution is the fact that we’re people servicing people. So we built software lowering the cost of hiring talent, at scale, with a human touch and all the bells and whistles of legacy solutions.

How Playroll formed and evolved its values.

Playroll has 4 core company values that guide us:

  • Better Than Yesterday
  • One Playground
  • Impact Over Input
  • Obsession for excellence

“These emerged early in the Playroll journey, we wrote down what differentiated us, asked our people what they thought, and these became our first set of company values,” Silver said. “These give us focus around the initiatives that we can build and align ourselves around.”

Playrolls company values

Deconstructing Our Company Values

While creating the core values that guide your entire company’s purpose may seem like a pretty big task, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t build these definitions in a vacuum. They should be something you articulate as defining characteristics of your team as it is, and what you aspire to continue to develop to be. With that being said, our values serve as the mediums through which we deliver our vision to accelerate a borderless economy.

Let’s dive into Playroll’s 4 core company values, what they mean, and how they’re truly actionable. 

Better than yesterday

What it means

We are committed to constant improvement, pushing ourselves to be better, both individually and as an organization. We embrace challenges, question the status quo, and dedicate ourselves to continuous progress. Our ultimate goal is to be better today than yesterday, with a plan to become even better tomorrow.

How it works

As a Playroller we expect you to practice self-reflection and propose bold solutions. You embrace failure and leverage it as a chance to grow. In summary, you’re adaptable. What it doesn’t mean, is you punish mistakes, or allow complacency to hinder progress.

One Playground

What it means

Collaboration and unity are at the heart of our culture. We believe in the power of teamwork. The Playground is our shared space to create, innovate, and win, together. We are a global team with a global vision, breaking down barriers to work toward a common goal.

How it works

As a Playroller we expect you to foster collaboration, bring others along for the ride, stay playful and most importantly seek diverse perspectives to move us collectively forward, together. What it doesn’t mean is you play politics, are scared to innovate, or pull others down to get ahead. We believe no process is precious, instead, we promote a culture of open-mindedness and ask you to bring outside ideas into the playground!

Impact Over Input

What it means

We prioritize meaningful contributions and results over mere effort. We aim to create a real impact in everything we do. Making an impact is integral to the DNA of everyone’s role at Playroll. Each of us is responsible not only for our actions but also for our outcomes.

How it works

As a Playroller we expect you to be SMART about how you set goals, have a bias towards action, and be data-driven, not dependent. What it doesn’t mean is you pass the buck, sit on the problem, or take the easy road. 

Obsession for Excellence

What it means

Excellence is earned. We aim to achieve the extraordinary and, in our pursuit, we are relentless. We set high standards for ourselves and deliver through accuracy, expertise, and the highest standards of service.

How it works

As a Playroller we expect you inspire others to reach new heights, deliver work with pride, and lean into your strengths. What it doesn’t mean is settle, resist change, and overpromise and under-deliver. When you love what you do, you go beyond, what’s good enough, and for our customers, we love to deliver something extraordinary.

The story of Playroll’s values is a testament to the profound impact that values-driven decision-making can have on an organisation’s culture and success. Just as our company values guide us toward a borderless economy where people can thrive, we invite you to find your own compass, and your own set of values, and join us in making a meaningful impact in the world. Together, we can strive to be Better than yesterday’.

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