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Published: March 1, 2022

Don’t Get It Twisted: Working From Home, Remote, and Hybrid Work Are Not the Same

Out with the old and in with the new. Old forms of working are fast heading for the exit door while newer, flexible options are taking over. Here is how to tell the difference between remote, hybrid and work from home solutions.
Working From home, Remote, and Hybrid Work | Remote Employment

Did you think that remote working and working from home were the same? Well, we have news for you, it’s not!

The rapid, constant workplace transformation is even harder to keep up with than uhm… the Kardashians. Buzzwords like hybrid working, remote working and working from home can be enough to get your socks in a knot!

But as always, we have come to your rescue. So hop on board, fellow professionals and let us school you on the cool kid lingo!

So What’s the Difference Between Working From Home, Remote Working and Hybrid Working?

Working from home

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years, you’ll know that new-age employees are hooked on the remote working trend, so much so that a large portion of the workforce are not willing to compromise on this when looking for a job.

With global expansion, migration and remote work are on the rise. One major driver appears to be that many workers have had a taste of the tantalising benefits that come with remote work. Now they are no longer willing to put up with the working conditions accepted prior to the pandemic.

Remote working

Imagine working while chilling at your favourite coffee shop or relaxing on the beach with a mocktail in hand. Now this, friends, is what created the buzz around remote working – the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

Now obviously remote working doesn’t mean you have a hall pass to do as you please, it just means that you can choose where you want to work, whether at home, a different city or even a different country as long as you have all systems in place.

With nomad culture also being a new fad, most talent have caught the travel bug and crave authentic experiences that do not include being bound to a desk. So, with luggage on the back and laptops in hand, new-age talent are ready to experience all that life has to offer while holding down a full-time remote job to pay for it all! In light of the hype, some companies are even adopting remote work policies.

Hybrid working

Take working on the go, working from home and working from the office, toss it into a blender, and the end result is a hybrid working solution.

More companies are transitioning into a hybrid working environment simply because it offers the best of both worlds. There’s no denying that remote working and working from home have their perks. But promoting the ideal work-life balance, ensuring in-person social activities and encouraging communication is crucial to maintaining the ideal work culture.

It’s All About the Balance

As any true yogi will tell you, the secret to life is all about balance. And they are right, especially as we enter the human era of employment! Finding the perfect balance can be tricky, especially when there are so many trends and ever-changing employee needs to consider. It’s a pity that there isn’t a playbook for this sort of thing!

But as you may know by now, we are kinda experts in HR solutions and finding the perfect sweet spots that keep all parties happy.

No matter what work solution you choose for your organisation, Playroll is here to hold your hand through the process. Be it in explaining the new lingos, drafting policies or ensuring that your day-to-day HR functions is covered.

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