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Published: May 25, 2023

Enhance workforce efficiency with our time management tracker

Who can use it? Employers, People Managers and Employees.
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The Playroll time management tracker helps employees log their working hours in a structured and effortless way, while helping employers understand where employees are spending their time, providing increased transparency and an improved operational overview. 

The time management tool enables employees contracted on an hourly basis, to accurately log time, and gives employers the flexibility to approve leave requests, review, approve and/or decline recorded working hours. Retain control over their workforce’s time allocation.

Efficient time allocation for employees

The time management tool helps employees record their daily working hours with ease. This user-friendly interface enables employees to record multiple time periods throughout the day or simply select their regular working hours. While both employers and employees share a similar overview, the employee’s view provides an efficient method for time logging. 

Time Tracking 2 1 | Image | Playroll | Employer of Record | international payroll

Tip: Employees can provide personalised detail for each logged period under the “notes” section, giving employers oversight over how time is allocated.

Unparalleled transparency for employers

Employers, on the other hand, can leverage the system by hovering over specific days to gain further insights into the employees’ activities or utilization of time on a particular day. This feature empowers employers with valuable information, enabling them to better understand the daily progress and time allocation of their workforce. The interactive nature of this tool, allows organizations to foster transparency, streamline time tracking processes, and facilitate effective communication between employers and employees.

Time Tracking Employer View | Image | Playroll | Employer of Record | international payroll

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