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Published: March 15, 2023

Global Employer of Record partner, Playroll, Debuts in Hibob Marketplace, Unlocking Employee Data Synch

Playroll announce their latest smart integration, this time with HR automation and employee experience platform, Hibob.

Playroll announce their latest smart integration, this time with HR automation and employee experience platform, Hibob.

Founded in 2015, HR automation and employee experience platform, Hibob, has rocketed to relevance on the HR tech scene. Now, Playroll’s global hiring platform joins Hibob’s ecosystem of future-of-work brands changing the way people teams hire, grow and pay multi-country teams.

People teams leveraging Playoll’s intuitive Employer of Record platform – to quickly and compliantly hire anyone anywhere – can now connect Playroll seamlessly with their HiBob employee data.

For Hibob Customers, Compliantly Hiring and Paying Anyone in Any Country Just Got Even Easier

For Hibob users on the hunt for a compatible Employer of Record solution, Playroll’s Hibob integration is well timed.
Erez Golan, Managing Director at Playroll says, “Playroll’s global employer entities provide a ready-made platform for quickly hiring and simply paying multi-country employees in a few simple clicks through Playroll – without legal liability or need to set up new employer entities.

The new Hibob integration also eliminates the need to manually maintain the same employee data across multiple platforms making it even easier for you to manage your global teams in a seamless way while continuing to deliver and focus on a great employee experience.”

All Your Hibob Employee Leave Approvals Auto-Imported to Playroll Daily (without IT Interventions)

Playroll’s Hibob integration signals the end of HR admin time-drains when trying to maintain consistent employee data integrity between Hibob and Playroll.

Instead of manually aligning and importing employee data from Hibob to Playroll, all employee data will now automatically surface into Playroll account dashboards every 24 hours.

The entire process for synchronizing your Hibob employee records with Playroll records involves just two simple steps and zero work from the IT department.

Start a Free Playroll Account, Plan New Global Hires for Free and Enjoy Assisted Hibob Integration Setup

Hibob customers starting out on Playroll’s Employer of Record platform can expect assisted integration support with same-day setup. To get started, simply visit and create your free account in a few clicks.

Ask your Customer Support Manager to activate your employee data sync between Hibob and Playroll. The whole process is quick and hassle-free, with Playroll pledging responsive one-point of proactive communication.

Meanwhile, you can start planning your first few hires using Playroll’s HR Cost Calculator and Country Playbooks. Best of all, Playroll won’t bill you a cent until you actually make your first hire using Playroll’s on-platform work contract builder.

Once live, your Hibob employee data will freely flow into your Playroll dashboard, bringing clarity and certainly people and HR teams need to take the sting out of routine, daily workflows.

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