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Published: August 10, 2023

How to Choose the Best Employer of Record Partner for Global Expansion

Full disclosure—we’re not the only Employer of Record (EOR) partner around. You’ve got options. In fact, we’ll wager you’ve discovered several Playroll alternatives already along the path to finding this article.
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Yes, tons of Employer of Record services have sprouted in recent years as globalisation strengthens the use-case for soliciting extra ‘global expansion’ muscle. Navigating the hurdles can be daunting, yet the new landscape of employment means increased pressure to connect with and enlist global talent in new ways.

Spoilers: Without an EOR Partner In-Tow, There Be Dragons En-Route to Overseas Expansion

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Risks of Overseas Expansion without an EOR Partner

You already know this part. It’s why you’re here. For the benefit of those just wading into this, let’s refresh on what overseas expansion can look like—without the right EOR sidekick at your back to flag and steer around the maze of pitfalls.

Without an Employer of Record, landing, expanding and opening operations in new regions can be extremely time-consuming, risky and expensive:

  • Months of research (some often outdated)
  • Reams of regional employment legislation to ingest
  • Permanent-establishment risks
  • Extra local hires to manage tax and legal compliance
  • Countless different employer contributions to get right
  • Differing and confusing employee classifications by region

Have fun with that! Those who brave the gauntlet of overseas HR and payroll will need to have a will of iron to complete the journey successfully and mentally in one piece.

The route is often lined with so many barriers and potential legal issues that the risk-benefit analysis might not even get the green light.

Now perhaps you appreciate the kinds of miracles EOR partners perform but it’s important to choose wisely to avoid complications down the road.

Not all Employer of Record partners are created equal, and not all will cater to the same use-cases in the same ways. It’s about knowing your goals and avoiding overinvesting to achieve them. 

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4 Benefits of an Employer of Record Partner

There are many benefits to partnering with an EOR parnter that can improve your business’s overall efficiency —all while allowing you to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world.

1. Preserve business continuity as you expand overseas

Human resources activities, from hiring new employees to processing payroll, require constant attention to every detail, including individual payments, taxes, commissions, reimbursements, and other general employee benefits.

With an EOR partner, you can authorise someone you trust to handle everything on your behalf. This way, you save a lot of time which you can, in turn, invest in effective business development.

2. Relevance and practical accuracy

Not only will hiring an EOR partner takes a load off your shoulders, but you can also enjoy the diligence, accuracy of information and practical perks of expansion-strategy implementation that comes along with outsourcing to a seasoned Employer of Record service.

Accuracy is important simply because employment and fiscal law changes so rapidly. When your HR policies and finances are tied to multiple countries, these changes can become a regular month-by-month event, complicating HR narratives.

3. Eliminate the regulatory and financial risk

Managing employees and payroll globally means maintaining legal compliance. However, keeping track of the labour laws of different countries at once is difficult when you do it yourself.

As part of your package, an EOR partner keeps up-to-date tax tables and easily tracks social standards in countries worldwide. With an Employer of Record behind you, you no longer have to worry about regulatory risks.

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4. Ease the sting of taxation

If you open an international entity and decide against using an EOR partner once you are up and running, you will become a permanent establishment in the country in which you operate, and it will be your responsibility to ensure that you are fully compliant. This means that your business will become liable for local corporate taxes, income tax, indirect employer tax and value-added tax (VAT). If you decide to use an EOR partner (like Playroll!), it will be the local and employer for foreign entities managing taxation and statutory requirements. If a compliance issue comes about, thankfully, it will be our problem to deal with and not yours! 

What are the Best EOR Partners to Work With

Certainly, there’s us—your EOR partner. However, we’re just one among various top-tier options, each with distinct pricing, approaches, and strengths.

What all of these options share in common is that they’re reputable and they can prove reputability. Furthermore, they’re (we’re) all on the same mission to unify all of the heavy moving parts to building overseas teams and multinational presence—without the cascading headaches that are virtually guaranteed if you go it alone.

Let’s start.

Globalisation Partners

Globalisation Partners operates in 187 countries and does not make use of any virtual teams which means that you will likely be covered regardless of which country you’d like to expand into. Globalization Partners is also set up in-country in all of the 187 countries in which they operate and do not rely on any third-party companies to get the dirty work done. 

Velocity Global

Velocity Global has been hard at work since opening in 2014 and takes a people-first approach to their work as they recognise that people are the most important asset in any business. Velocity Global operates in 185+ countries and they pride themselves on being responsive and service-focused. Velocity Global emerges as a versatile EOR partner capable of accommodating businesses of all types.

International Staffing Consultants

International Staffing Consultants have partnered with all types of companies, big and small. They specialise in recruiting North Americans for international jobs, which means that if your company is looking for talent in the region you’ll be in luck.

International Staffing Consultants have been in operation since 1969 and bring a wealth of experience to the table when it comes to international payroll and Human Resources.


Playroll brings a modern, vibrant SaaS approach to extending EOR Partner service to clients. Combining automation with consultative and partner services, Playroll offers both client independence and expert stewardship.

Despite the young, fresh feel, Playroll has extensive experience building its Employer of Record infrastructure over the course of 20 years and has been managing multinational payroll across the globe for just as long.

With 2000+ employees in over 40 countries, Playroll can now extend talent-relocation and hiring practice into any county. Playroll is also backed by the VAT IT Group which services 50% of Fortune 500 companies and attends to over 13000 companies.

If you’re looking for an Employer of Record service with a simple onboarding process that will let you start planning HR costs and overseas expansion for free, Playroll is a great option. 

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7 Essential Tips for Selecting Your Ideal EOR Partner

  1. Assess Global Reach: Ensure the EOR partner operates in target countries, offering extensive coverage for your overseas expansion.
  2. Track Record: Look for a proven track record of successful collaborations across diverse industries, validating their expertise.
  3. Service Responsiveness: Prioritize partners known for their prompt and attentive customer service, offering support when you need it most.
  4. Customization: Seek an EOR partner capable of tailoring solutions to your unique needs, ensuring a seamless fit for your business.
  5. Compliance Expertise: Verify their in-depth understanding of local labor laws and regulations, mitigating potential legal risks.
  6. Technology Integration: Opt for a tech-savvy EOR partner with advanced tools to streamline HR processes and enhance efficiency.
  7. Client Testimonials: Read and evaluate client testimonials to gain insights into the partner’s real-world performance and client satisfaction.

Selecting the right EOR partner using these tips will pave the way for a successful and smooth overseas expansion.

The Right Choice of Employer of Record Can Be the Difference Between a Bumpy Ride and a Smooth Landing

There you have it. An honest summation of some of the top-tier Employer of Record services capable of handholding part of your overseas expansion strategy safely across borders.

When choosing your EOR partner, make sure you connect with them having clearly defined and understood your own goals. That way, you’ll help them to help you with a tailored approach and the right series of steps in the right order.

If Playroll has made your shortlist, put us through your aptitude test by getting us on a call and grilling us about where we see ourselves in five years. Or perhaps that should be ‘where we can help take you in that time’.

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