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Published: October 13, 2023

Enhance Employee Onboarding with Timeframe Customisation

Revamp your employee onboarding process with time frame customisation. Choose your desired time frame in months, weeks, or days to streamline onboarding and guarantee compliance. Read on to learn more 👇

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Key Takeaways

Playroll’s timeframe customisation feature, offers unmatched flexibility for onboarding. You can specify employment terms in months, weeks, or days, making it easy to align contracts with your company’s policies and local regulations. This enhancement focuses on user customization and user-friendliness, streamlining the onboarding process and benefiting both admin users and new hires.

We understand that it can be tough when systems force you into a one-size-fits all approach for incorporating and onboarding new employees. Each company is distinct, with its own operational requirements and processes, making a one-size-fits-all strategy problematic for businesses. That’s why we’ve incorporated a timeframe customisation feature within our platform. Now, when completing the “Add Employee” form, you have the option to select between different timeframe options including months, weeks, or days, when defining your new employees mandatory or optional entitlements such as annual leave, notice periods, sick leave and probation. This feature has been carefully crafted to offer you enhanced flexibility and personalisation, facilitating a smoother and more customised employee onboarding process.

Taking Time Customisation to the Next Level

We designed the timeframe customisation feature with two objectives in mind: personalisation and transparency. We recognise that each organisation is distinct, and a single solution doesn’t cater to all. By giving you the option to select between months, weeks, or days when specifying employment terms and entitlements, we empower you with the ability to tailor employee contracts in a user-friendly way that minimises confusion and errors. 

No more manually converting weeks to days or vice-versa – our system adapts to your needs seamlessly. This feature offers a comprehensive approach to documenting employee compensation and legal details, ensuring that your employment contracts align with business policies and adhere to local laws.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of users that add employees to the Playroll Platform, customised time frames simplify the task of employee onboarding and instead of rigid systems that push you towards a standardised approach, you gain flexibility, while staying compliant with local regulations and employment laws.

💡Picture this: you’re running an international company with a branch in the United Kingdom. You’ve hired a new team member, and your company’s global leave policy works in weeks, not days. Now, with this feature, you can effortlessly sync the employment contract by entering “3 weeks” for annual leave instead of “15 days.” This flexibility ensures that your company policies align with territorial stipulations without the need for manual calculations.

How it Works

Adding an employee to your team has never been easier. This feature comes into play during the second step of adding an employee to the Playroll platform. Instead of being confined to territory defaults which may be in days or weeks – you can now choose to express them in weeks or even months to align with company policies.

Add an employee on the Playroll platform

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To get started, select “Add Employee” in the top menu on your payroll Platform, then navigate to Step 1 of the process.

Step 1: Submit all employee details including personal information and job details.

Customised employee onboarding with Playroll

Step 2: After inputting the employee’s gross monthly salary, you can define the mandatory employee entitlements, which includes annual leave, notice periods, sick leave and probation. Simply input the value relevant to your company’s unique policies and select between days, weeks or months from the drop down.

It’s as simple as that. No more inconsistencies, no more headaches – just a smooth onboarding process and versatility at its finest!

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Enhance employee onboarding with Playrolls' timeframe customisation feature.

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Time Frame Customisation FAQs

Can I use this feature for employees in any country?

Yes, you can use the Months/Weeks/Days choice on the Add Employee Form for employees in any country. It allows you to customise employment terms to match local legal requirements while adhering to your company’s policies.

Is there a limit to how I can customise the employment terms?

There are no strict limits. You can specify employment terms in days, weeks, or months, giving you the freedom to tailor contracts to your needs. However, it’s essential to ensure compliance with local labour laws and regulations.

Will this feature work with existing employee records?

Yes, you can use this feature to update existing employee records to reflect customised employment terms. Simply edit the employee’s information and adjust the terms as needed.

Is there any additional cost for using this feature?

No, this feature is included as part of our standard subscription. There are no additional charges for using the Months/Weeks/Days choice on the Add Employee Form.

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