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Published: August 14, 2023

Introducing Enhanced User Permissions: A New Dimension of Flexibility

Who can use it? Employers and team managers.

What We Had Before: Limited Flexibility

Before we delve into the details of this new feature, let’s take a look at the user permission framework that preceded this major update. In the past, our user permissions were fairly rigid, offering only a handful of global roles such as admin, approver, and read-only. While functional, this structure was limiting when it came to catering to the unique needs of individual teams, and there was no way to tailor access rights to specific teams or projects.

Introducing Enhanced User Permissions: A New Era of Team-Based Access

To better support the diverse organisational needs of our clients, we’ve introduced an upgraded User Permission functionality. We understand that each business operates with its own unique requirements and structures, and our technology is designed to accommodate this. With this update, the possibilities for customisation and flexibility have been significantly enhanced. Administrators can now assign distinct roles to users, allowing them to access different teams while maintaining the same global role. This innovation eliminates the restrictions of the previous universal approach and creates a more customised experience that mirrors the nuances of real-world organisational structures.

This update signifies a significant leap towards a more adaptable, user-centered platform. The ability to assign different global roles to users across various teams provides Playroll users with a newfound sense of control. 

Example: Access to specific employees can now be controlled through assigning specific users to teams of employees. For example, the Finance Manager can now be assigned specifically to the finance team as an approver of leave or expense requests.

While users have the newfound ability to move across different teams, each with its own role, it’s worth mentioning that every user’s account is tied to a single global role. This is done to maintain a straightforward and controlled access level for all. This aligns with the main purpose of limiting access, ensuring that only users from the appropriate teams can access those employee detail.

Enhanced User Permissions in Action

Inviting New Users

When extending invitations for new employees to access your Playroll company account, you have the option to predefine both their team association and the scope of their user permissions. Here’s how it works in 2 simple steps:

  1. When adding a new user, simply click the drop down under “team” to define the user’s role.
  2. Assign their user permission, by selecting from there drop-down items: admin, approver, or read-only.
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💡 Tip: Navigate to “Users” under the “Employee” menu item and select “invite a user“.

Adding New Teams

Adding new teams to your Playroll account just got better! When adding new teams, admin users have the option to name their team and assign select employees by simply selecting from the drop-down menu. Admin users can also assign all other existing users on the company account to the team by simply checking the tick box, making for a more seamless experience- instead of manually adding individual team members one-by-one, the tick box ensures all users are added in one go.

MicrosoftTeams image 79 | Image | Playroll | Employer of Record | international payroll
💡 Tip: Navigate to the User and Company settings page and select “Add new team“.

Editing Existing Users

Account admins have the ability to edit the user permissions of the company’s existing users by simply selecting the edit tool icon. The user’s role permission can be updated by selecting the drop down and choosing between three options: admin, approver or read-only. The user can also be assigned to multiple organisational teams by using the teams dropdown.

MicrosoftTeams image 78 | Image | Playroll | Employer of Record | international payroll

Empowering Playroll Users: 6 Benefits of Our Enhanced User Permission Feature

The introduction of enhanced user permissions isn’t just about a new set of capabilities; it’s about empowerment, adaptability, and a commitment to catering to the diverse requirements of our valued users. This feature was designed with a clear purpose in mind – to transform the way you manage access and interactions within our platform. Let’s dive into the benefits that this new feature brings to the table:

  1. Personalised access for diverse teams and roles: At its core, the primary benefit of this feature is the ability to assign different roles to users based on their administrative role relating to multiple teams. This customisation optimises access management, ensuring that users have the right level of authority for their specific roles. Whether you’re an admin, an approver, or a read-only member, this feature lets you navigate through different teams seamlessly while maintaining your role consistency.
  1.  Enhanced administrative control: Admins now have access to a powerful tool – the ability to change access permissions to suit the unique needs of different teams. This means that you can customise your team members’ access, ensuring they have the right tools and data to manage the company’s workforce. This granular control paves the way for a smoother operational flow and a more efficient user experience.
  1. Frictionless onboarding and smooth transitions: With team-based access, new team members can be onboarded more efficiently. By Assigning roles that match the level of control required for managing employees in a specific team, they can immediately contribute without navigating complex permission structures. Similarly, when team members transition between teams, their access can be adjusted effortlessly, removing the need for time-consuming permission adjustments.
  1. Alignment with organisational structures: Every organisation has its own unique structure, and this feature acknowledges that diversity. Whether your company operates with cross-functional teams, project-based groups, or department-specific divisions, the improved user permission feature adapts to your structure, ensuring that access levels align with your organisational needs.
  1. Flexibility without complexity. One of the challenges with the previous global role system was its rigidity. With this update, we’re breaking free from those constraints. You can now enjoy flexibility without complexity. Modifying user permissions is now effortless, allowing you to dedicate focus to core business tasks rather than grappling with access issues.

Improving the scope of our user permissions is a commitment to enhancing administrative control and providing an adaptable and intuitive experience for our customers.  We’re excited to see how this update will empower you to shape your platform access according to your unique requirements. As we embrace progress and work towards overcoming limitations, we invite you to explore this newfound flexibility and make the most of our continuously evolving platform.

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