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Published: July 18, 2023

July Updates from Playroll

Welcome to the July edition of What's New in Playroll! This month, we bring you exciting updates and tools designed to enhance your hiring strategies and improve the management of your workforce. From our beta salary peg solution, to enhanced leave mapping functionality and more, we've got you covered with all the tools you need to ignite your global hiring success!
Global Mobility Services

We’ve been hard at work this month to equip you with all the tools you need to kickstart your hiring journey and elevate the management of your distributed workforce. From new tools that enhance your Playroll experience, to country playbooks and webinars to help your business expand globally, we’ve got you covered! Let’s dive into the details and discover how these exciting updates can empower your organization.🚀

Key Takeaways

  • We understand the stress of managing employee salaries in regions with unstable currencies – Revolutionize salary management with Playroll’s beta salary peg solution and offer your global workforce a stable income even in the midst of volatility.
  • Balancing leave management between two HRIS systems can be a source of frustration for employers and hiring managers. Streamline leave tracking between your BambooHR and Playroll accounts with the BambooHR leave mapper, a critical enhancement to the BambooHR and Playroll integration.
  • Supercharge your hiring potential in Guinea Conakry, with expert knowledge on payroll, benefits and more in our newly released country playbook.
  • Expand your business operations beyond conventional borders and access the rich EMEA talent pool with expert insights and proven strategies from our recent webinar on cost effective hiring in EMEA.

Introducing automatic salary adjustments with the Playroll salary peg solution

Calculating the impact of currency fluctuations on employee salaries in volatile regions can be cause for headache for employers, which is why we introduced the Playroll salary peg solution to simplify salary management for businesses that hire employees in regions with unpredictable and volatile local currencies. With this solution, salary calculations are automatically adjusted by Playroll on behalf of employers in response to changes in local currencies.

Instead of employers having to manually calculate and monitor the impact of currency fluctuations on an employee’s salary each month, we do the heavy lifting. The salary peg solution automatically and accurately calculates salary fluctuations twice a month, to allow for stable and fair compensation despite market volatility. Now businesses can access skilled talent anywhere in the world, without having to worry about the complexity that comes with inevitable currency fluctuations.

Hot tip: 💡Want to be the first to experience the Playroll salary peg solution firsthand? Contact your Playroll Customer Success Manager (CSM) to access this beta feature.

Enhance leave request 🏖️ accuracy with the improved BambooHR leave mapper

Introducing the BambooHR leave mapper, a game-changing tool that takes the integration between BambooHR and Playroll to new heights. Designed exclusively for BambooHR users who have integrated with Playroll, the BambooHR leave mapper allows employers and HR managers to accurately synchronise employee leave records between two HRIS platforms, eliminating errors and payroll discrepancies for effortless workforce management.

Explore the BambooHR leave mapper.

The ins and outs of hiring in Guinea Conakry

Navigating the hiring landscape in Guinea Conakry can be complex due to a myriad of factors that need to be considered, including cultural diversity, nuanced regulations, and economic factors. Streamline your hiring journey with our country playbook, meticulously designed to provide you with comprehensive insights on every aspect of hiring in Guinea Conakry, including hiring, payroll, benefits, and more.

Navigate hiring in Guinea Conakry with our country playbook.

Confidently ire in Guinea Conakry with the Playroll Country Playbook

Uncover cost-effective hiring strategies in EMEA 🌎

As globalisation continues to reshape the business landscape, companies are expanding their hiring efforts beyond conventional borders. The EMEA region, home to a rich talent pool, has emerged as a prime destination for businesses seeking to hire skilled professionals.

To help businesses successfully and cost-effectively navigate hiring in the EMEA region, we recently hosted a webinar in collaboration with trusted partners Offerzen and Comeet, to uncover expert insights and actionable strategies to guide your hiring efforts.

Uncover expert tips from the webinar.

Cost Effective Hiring Strategies in EMEA 2 | Image | Playroll | Employer of Record | international payroll

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