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Published: November 20, 2023

November Updates from Playroll

Welcome to the November edition of What's new in Playroll - merging innovation with values. Explore enhanced tools for seamless global team management and uncover valuable resources for optimizing remote work and global hiring success.

Rooted in our ‘Better than yesterday’ ethos, we’re dedicated to delivering excellence. This month, we’ve channeled the power of this value to introduce enhanced tools and features, specifically designed to elevate your experience in managing distributed teams.

From providing clearer visibility into leave balances to offering comprehensive guides on navigating the intricacies of remote work, our focus is on continuous improvement. We’re devoted to making the management of global teams not just seamless, but better than before. This way, you can focus your attention on what matters most – the core operations of your business. Now, let’s explore the highlights of this month’s updates. 🚀

Key Takeaways

  • We’ve released an employee Expenses Visibility Feature, enabling better tracking and visibility on the lifecycle of expense claims.
  • Enhance leave management with our Leave “Balances” tab – designed specifically for HR Managers to enhance visibility and improve global workforce management.

Boost Workforce Efficiency: 🗓️ Introducing the Leave ‘Balances’ Tab

Introducing the leave “balances” tab, a feature designed to streamline workforce management and enhance visibility. Now you can effortlessly manage leave for your global teams with a feature that dynamically pulls in leave balances and entitlements relevant to the different jurisdictions your workforce operates in. The result? A streamlined view of the often-intricate process of managing leave across global teams.

Discover the Future of Employee Leave Management.

Enhance Strategic Workforce Management with the Leave “Balances” Tab

Simplify Expense Tracking with Playroll’s Expense Visibility Feature 💰

In an effort to enrich the employee experience, we’ve introduced an expense visibility feature – a user friendly interface that streamlines expense management for global employees. Employees can now effortlessly track the lifecycle of their expense claims natively in the employee platform, erasing uncertainties and enhancing the expense management process. 

Navigate Playroll’s Expense Visibility Feature.

Effortlessly Manage and Track Expenses with Playroll’s Expense visibility Feature

Contractors, enjoy hassle-free withdrawals! 💳

Contractors, get ready to withdraw funds with ease and dive into a world of transparent rates and real-time forex. Unlock the simplicity of accessing your hard-earned funds through Playroll’s seamless integration with Payoneer! No more manual hassles—just a few simple steps to connect your Payoneer account and ensure timely payments. Read on for a sneak peek into the step-by-step guide on how to withdraw funds from Payoneer—your golden ticket to hassle-free payments!

Your guide to hassle-free withdrawals.

Easily withdraw funds through Playroll's integration with Payoneer.

Playroll’s Path to Global Empowerment: A Story of Values and Innovation

Embark on a transformative journey through Playroll’s global success story, deeply rooted in our core values—Better Than Yesterday, One Playground, Impact Over Input, and Obsession for Excellence. At our core, we embrace continuous improvement, fostering global collaboration that transcends geographical boundaries. Driven by Impact Over Input, we ensure our actions create meaningful, positive change, and Obsession for Excellence guides every action, setting high standards and tirelessly pursuing greatness. These values not only guide us but empower us to deliver a revolutionary Employer of Record service, designed to empower individuals worldwide.

Learn about the values that fuel our success.

Playroll's company values.

Webinar: How to Make Remote Work, Work 🗎

While the business world has become accustomed to the remote work revolution, making it work for your business is not always as easy as it seems. From managing time differences to overcoming communication barriers and building team synchronisation at a distance, the challenges of remote work underscore the need for strategic solutions that go beyond the surface level. To help businesses navigate the complexities of remote work, we recently hosted a webinar with remote work experts, uncovering insights and proven strategies to help you get the most out of your remote workforce. 💪🌍🚀

Uncover expert tips from the webinar.

How to make remote work, work.

Masterclass: Decoding Global Hiring Myths🔎

In the dynamic world of global hiring, businesses often grapple with misconceptions that cloud the path to success, whether it’s the notion that hiring beyond borders is expensive or the fear of legal complexities. Our recent masterclass, conducted in collaboration with Global Hiring Expert Vanessa Raath, is your guide to decoding these global hiring myths. This in-depth exploration not only challenges common misunderstandings but also provides practical insights to navigate the complexities of international recruitment. 💼🌐✨

Uncover expert tips from the masterclass.

Decoding global hiring myths.

Join our upcoming webinar. 👇

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