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Published: October 12, 2023

October Updates From Playroll

Welcome to the October edition of What's new in Playroll! This month we’ve put our full focus on customisation and user centricity to bring you a solution that makes employee onboarding effortless, while keeping you compliant.

This month at Playroll, we’ve gone all in on customisation and user centricity to bring you solutions that make employee onboarding effortless, while keeping you compliant. We get it- the admin of managing cross-border talent can be overwhelming. Which is why we’ve focused our effort this month on minimising the heavy lift with tools and resources to help you zero in on what matters most – growing winning teams. Read on for a look into this month’s power updates 👇

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Key Takeaways

  • Enhance employee data reconciliation, with Unique Employee IDs. Now, assign specific IDs to employees and streamline data management across HR and financial platforms – a critical enhancement for employers managing globally distributed teams.
  • Simplify employee onboarding and contract generation with Playroll’s timeframe customisation feature, designed to automatically calculate the conversion of days to months and visa-versa when assigning employee entitlements.

Personalise Employee Contracts 📝 with Flexible Time Frame Options

Introducing Playrolls’ timeframe customization feature designed for employers seeking a more tailored approach to managing employee entitlements during employee onboarding. The Timeframe Customization Feature eliminates the need to manually convert days to weeks and vice versa – our systems adapt to your needs seamlessly, ensuring that entitlements like sick leave, probation and notice periods align with company policies, while staying compliant with local regulations and employment laws. 

Explore the timeframe customisation feature.

Personalise contracts with Playroll's Timeframe Customisation Feature

Simplify Employee Data Harmony 📊 with Unique Employee IDs

Introducing Employee Unique IDs, a feature designed for employers looking for smoother data integration between HR management and accounting tools. Employee Unique IDs facilitate smooth and error-free back-end operations by acting as unifying links that keep your data consistent and accurate across multiple platforms. 

Explore Employee Unique IDs.

Simplify data reconciliation with Playroll's Unique Employee IDs

Navigate 🌍 Global Team Expansion with Ease 

In a rapidly evolving world, borders are vanishing, and businesses are exploring the opportunities that lie within a global talent pool. But what does it take to truly succeed in today’s borderless economy? The key lies in navigating the complexities of dispersed teams, prioritising innovation, addressing compliance challenges and giving HR a seat at the table as a strategic partner. To help business leaders and HR professionals navigate the complexities of global team expansion, we hosted an engaging masterclass with industry experts on the art of expanding and managing distributed teams to discuss what it takes to build a winning global workforce. 💪🚀

Uncover expert tips from the Masterclass.

Expand your team globally with Playroll

A Guide 📄 to Entering the EMEA Market with Confidence

In an era where global expansion is now a go-to growth strategy, the EMEA region is becoming an increasingly attractive option for expansion. But it’s no walk in the park, requiring well thought out entry strategies, cultural sensitivity and a solid grasp on local labour laws and compliance regulations. To succeed in the market, you need a strategic plan, a nuanced approach and reliable partner that understands the market. To help businesses expand and thrive in the EMEA region, we hosted a webinar with business growth experts discussing key strategies, insights and explored examples of businesses that have done it right.

Learn expert strategies from the Webinar.

Enter the EMEA Market Confidently with Playroll

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