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Published: November 23, 2022

OfferZen & Playroll: connecting talent with opportunity, across Africa and Europe.

In the words of Philip Joubert, CEO of OfferZen, “great software engineers are everywhere”. That’s truer now than it’s ever been, but how do companies move highly skilled engineering talent from “everywhere” to “here”, and start to reap the benefits of global talent mobility?

For European and African companies, Playroll’s collaboration with OfferZen holds all the answers. By leveraging OfferZen’s talent platform, together with Playroll’s global Employer of Record capabilities, companies can now hire the right people for their international teams, smoothly and compliantly, anywhere on earth.

OfferZen: innovative solutions for tech recruitment

Developers in Africa and Europe make use of OfferZen to connect with opportunities at over 2000 tech companies that are vetted to ensure optimal fit. Now, companies can access OfferZen’s recruitment expertise through Playroll’s Find a Candidate feature.

Whenever a request is submitted using this feature, select Playroll partners like OfferZen can respond with a curated list of candidates. 

Throughout the process, OfferZen ensures a positive experience for candidates and companies alike, with an innovative approach to tech recruitment. Unlike on most jobsearch platforms, developers get information about salaries, roles and tech stacks upfront.

That empowers them to decide whether an opportunity is the right fit for them. Throughout the process, developers receive guidance from an experienced talent advisor to help them build their profiles and benchmark salaries.

Companies receive curated developer profiles based on their requirements, and each candidate is assessed to ensure they’re ready for the interview process.

By partnering with OfferZen, recruiters benefit from reduced time to hire, and increased quality of applications, assisted by a dedicated Account Manager.

Teaming Up to Beat the Tech Talent Shortage with OfferZen.

OfferZen and Playroll: creating new vistas of opportunity for global businesses

In collaboration with OfferZen, Playroll is removing yet more obstacles to international hiring, clearing the way for sustainable, compliant expansion of global teams.

The partnership makes it easier than it’s ever been to find, hire and retain the best developers on the market, so they can get to work creating great software. 

If you want to make your first global developer hire, book a demo with one of our Solutions Consultants.

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