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Published: November 19, 2023

Navigating Leave Management with the New Leave “Balances” Tab

Simplify leave management for your global teams with our newly released leave "Balances" tab! This dynamic feature provides a clear, customisable view of employee leave entitlements, for more strategic workforce planning.
leave management system

Key Takeaways

The “Balances” tab transforms leave management by providing a transparent overview of employee leave entitlements. This leave management system helps support informed decision-making, supports strategic workforce planning and enhances efficient resource allocation, while ensuring compliance and reducing risks linked to leave policies. 

Introducing the Leave “Balances” Tab

💡 Best for: Employers managing global teams.

Effectively managing leave balances for your workforce is an intricate process, made even more complex when team members operate in different territories across the globe, each governed by its unique jurisdictions and regulations. Recognising the intricate nature of these challenges, we’ve introduced an advanced, housed within the “Balances” tab in the Leave section of our platform.

This system not only streamlines leave management but also addresses the complexities associated with hiring employees in different territories. It provides valuable insights into how leave is accrued and operates in each territory, offering visibility that makes it easier for employers to navigate the complexities, especially in regions where additional leave days may be mandatory. This holistic approach ensures comprehensive workforce management and empowers employers with the tools to handle diverse leave policies seamlessly.

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A Dynamic Leave Management System for Enhanced Visibility

The “Balances” tab serves as a dynamic dashboard, providing employers with a comprehensive overview of an employee’s leave entitlements and balances. This feature simplifies the process of navigating and understanding accrued versus used leave balances.

How does it simplify the process?

  1. Visual Clarity: Through clear visuals, the “Balances” tab offers an intuitive display of how leave accrues and is utilised over time. This visual representation enables quick comprehension for both HR professionals and team managers.
  2. Detailed Breakdowns: For a more granular understanding, the feature includes detailed breakdowns of accrued and used leave. This breakdown allows users to dive into specific periods, aiding in precise analysis and decision-making.

The user-friendly interface of the “Balances” tab helps HR professionals and team managers make more informed decisions about employee leave requests. Providing a centralized view of employee leave data, the tab streamlines the often-intricate process of managing leave across global teams.

To access the “Balances” tab, simply navigate to the Leave Page on our platform and click on the “Balances” tab. It’s prominently located for easy access, providing a comprehensive overview of leave entitlements.

Playrolls leave management system.

Why We Built It

We designed the leave “balances” tab with two motivations in mind: to bring clarity and efficiency to the intricate process of managing employee leave balances. Acting as a visual guide, the leave “balances” tab quickly communicates leave statuses for employees or teams providing a clear understanding of leave balances.

Here’s how it will help your business:

1. Strategic workforce planning: With detailed insights into leave balances employers can make more informed and efficient decisions around strategic workforce management. This is especially valuable during peak leave seasons providing management teams with full visibility of potential leave crossovers to facilitate the implementation of contingency plans.

2. Customization for unique policies: Recognizing the limitations of one-size-fits-all approaches to leave management, the “Balances” tab provides beta users with an opportunity to tailor their leave policies with the guidance of their Customer Success Manager (CSM) so that they effortlessly line up with territory  regulations.. This ensures adaptability to diverse leave structures, aligning seamlessly with the Adaptability to Global Policies benefit.

3. Compliance and risk mitigation: By dynamically synchronising leave balances with leave policies of different jurisdictions, the “balances” tab minimises the risks linked to misunderstandings or disputes, providing a standardised yet flexible approach to leave management.

The introduction of the “Balances” tab reflects our commitment to simplifying and enhancing leave management for global organizations. By providing a clear, customizable, and centralized view of leave entitlements, this feature will positively contribute to the efficient and transparent management of modern teams.

As organizations increasingly operate on a global scale, efficient leave management is not only about day-to-day operations but also plays a crucial role in international hiring and workforce planning. The “Balances” tab is more than a daily operations tool—it is also essential in simplifying employee terminations. When someone is let go, especially with accrued leave days, this feature aids in calculating and processing the payout. It streamlines terminations, ensuring compliance and efficiency in managing leave across the entire employee lifecycle.

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Leave “Balances” Tab FAQ

How can I customise leave policies using this feature?

Beta users have the opportunity to customise their leave policies by engaging with their Customer Success Manager (CSM). This customization can accommodate unlimited leave structures or other specific accrual rules tailored to your organisational needs.

Can I use the “Balances” tab to plan for peak leave seasons?

Absolutely! The “Balances” tab is a valuable tool for managing and planning your team’s availability, especially during peak leave seasons. Regularly checking this tab allows you to strategize and allocate resources effectively.

How does the “Balances” tab contribute to global leave management?

Absolutely! The “Balances” tab is a valuable tool for managing and planning your team’s availability, especially during peak leave seasons. Regularly checking this tab allows you to strategize and allocate resources effectively.

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