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Published: November 8, 2022

Playroll in sync with BambooHR: Seamless Integration for Employee Data and Leave 

Exciting news for HR teams everywhere: Playroll now integrates smoothly with BambooHR, a leading Human Resources Information System.

Thousands of businesses use BambooHR’s people-first platform to strategically manage their human capital while they grow. BambooHR is known for its ability to simplify a wide range of HR processes with powerful automation, accessible through an intuitive interface. 

Now, vital data stored in BambooHR can sync with Playroll in the background, freeing HR teams of the need to duplicate work across two platforms. 

Up and running in two low-config steps

Setting up the integration takes two simple steps. First, you’ll need to create an API key within BambooHR, and find your company domain. If you need any help, the Playroll team can provide the necessary support.

Once that’s done, the way is clear for data to flow from BambooHR – your source of truth for employee data – into Playroll, eliminating redundant manual data entry and unblocking the free flow of data.

Leave cycles and employee data on autopilot

Once the integration is in place, you can start synchronizing leave approvals with a single click. Every leave request that your HR teams approve in BambooHR syncs automatically into Playroll, for transparent and error-free tracking of leave balances for every employee. That gives teams a complete overview of each employee’s leave cycles on both platforms.

The integration also makes light work of configuring employee data in Playroll. Until now, each employee had to be configured in both systems, usually through manual copying from one system to the other.

All of that is now replaced by a single click: all employee data, including custom fields, are imported into Playroll, populating all relevant fields automatically and accurately. 

This is the first in a series of updates that will make it even easier to embed Playroll within your HR tech stack, for seamless HR workflows that engage employees and delight the teams who manage them.

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