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Published: February 13, 2023

Playroll: Independent contractor management and payment processing made simple

Simplify hiring and payment processing for skilled professionals. Streamline recruitment, payment processing, and compliance for HR professionals in the evolving world of contracting and B2B

To attract and retain top contractor talent, businesses need to meet their most basic demands: transparent, well-defined roles, and reliable payment in the right currency.

The cream of the independent contractor crop will continue to move beyond the reach of companies who cannot provide both of these. Playroll’s Contractor Platform is equipping global businesses with seamless, error-free contractor onboarding and payment, for sustainable growth across borders. 

Select and customize ready-made contracts, or upload your own

The success of the client-contractor relationship rises and falls with the quality of the agreement that starts it all off. From the client’s point of view, this agreement must tick these boxes:

  • Clearly define the contractor’s role and scope of work: uncertainty at this point is likely to cause friction, or worse, invite scrutiny around worker classification.
  • Stipulate who will take ownership of any Intellectual Property arising during the course of the relationship.
  • Eliminate all ambiguity about the mutual responsibilities of the parties: contractors are not entitled to employee benefits, and clients are not entitled to exclusivity. 

  • Inside your Playroll dashboard, you’ll find pre-made contracts with recommended sections including non-compete clauses, intellectual property protection and notice periods. The contract builder gives you complete freedom to customize, repurpose and delete clauses, or upload your own contracts entirely. 

From there, contractors log in, sign, and start working with full transparency.

Delight contractors with hassle-free monthly payments

Independent contractors aren’t just looking for clearly defined scopes of work and frictionless onboarding. They need predictable, reliable payment. Depending on where they live, they may need it in a specific currency.

While it is possible for companies to manage this on their own with independent payment platforms and bank transfers, the administrative burden is a major impediment to scaling beyond a handful of contractors. 

For businesses who are pursuing truly global reach, processing multiple invoices and information streams is simply not an option. With Playroll, you can pay your contractors in batch or single payments, on a cadence that makes sense for your business.

Payment is made with one click, and the platform sends the relevant amount to each individual contractor, in the correct currency, and on time.

Not an email in sight: capture invoices and timesheets directly into Playroll

Because independent contractors aren’t part of employee payroll, there isn’t always a suitable place to house performance and payment data. All too often, this results in chaotic email threads that nobody enjoys. Playroll eliminates all of that inefficiency with quick, simple document capture.

The platform is equipped to capture this data, allowing full transparency and traceability, moment to moment. 

Independent contracting made easy: Playroll Contractor Demo

The best way to get to know our contractor platform is to experience it for yourself. Schedule a demo with our team and discover how Playroll melts away the obstacles to hiring independent contractors, freelancers and gig workers, wherever they may be.

With Playroll, it’s all plain sailing, from onboarding to payment: enjoy better, more productive client/contractor relationships with your global teams.

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