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Published: March 15, 2023

Seamlessly Sync Employee Data with Playrolls Hibob Integration 

An effortless integration that eliminates the need to manually maintain employee data across multiple platforms.

Key Takeaways

Streamline your HR operations with the Playroll Hibob integration. Seamlessly connect your HiBob account with Playroll to maintain consistent employee data integrity across both accounts. With an easy setup process that does not require technical expertise you can get up and running in two simple steps.

Experience a revolution in HR Efficiency with Hibob and Playroll

Founded in 2015, HR automation and employee experience platform, Hibob, has rocketed to relevance on the HR tech scene.

Thousands of businesses across the globe use Hibob to track employee time off requests, manage employee goals, paychecks and more. However, as businesses grow globally, HR process challenges can arise, especially when using multiple tech platforms.

Playroll users can now connect their Hibob accounts to streamline HR processes and transform the way they manage global teams.

Seamlessly import employee data into Playroll through the Hibob Integration

How the Playroll and Hibob Integration Works

The Hibob and Playroll integration works via a one-way API integration from Hibob into Playroll. This easy integration lets you swiftly onboard team members to the Playroll Platform directly from Hibob, with no involvement from IT.

Once activated – Hibob employee data flows freely into Playroll giving HR teams the clarity they need to simplify everyday tasks. Connected Hibob and Playroll accounts help HR teams maintain consistent employee data integrity between both platforms to eradicate HR time drains.

  • Seamlessly synchronise data: Playroll’s integration with HiBob allows HR teams to seamlessly and automatically synchronize important employee data. Instead of doing it manually, employee data from HiBob now automatically appears in the Playroll dashboard every 24 hours. This makes it easier to manage global teams, while continuing to deliver and focus on a great employee experience.
  • Effortlessly manage employee Data. The integration enables Playroll clients to see their global employee lists from HiBob in their Playroll dashboard. It also allows for importing of employee data from HiBob directly into the Playroll platform, saving time and effort.
  • Streamline time-off requests. This integration syncs approved time-off requests directly into Playroll, removing the need for employees to submit requests on multiple platforms. This will save your team hours of extra administrative work and take your journey towards full-automation to the next level.

Connecting Playroll to your HiBob HRIS allows you to onboard your employees into Playroll in just a few clicks. Speak to a Bob expert and learn how our integration can help you scale

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Connect your Hibob Account with Playroll in a Few Simple Steps

Connecting your Hibob and Playroll accounts is easy and you don’t need coding expertise to start. You can follow these instructions to get your Hibob and Playroll accounts talking to each other in a few minutes.

Step One: Start by logging in to your Playroll platform and Navigate to the Integration section.

Step two: Select Hibob from the Integration list within your Playroll dashboard and click the “Configuration” tab to begin the setup.

Step three: Allow Playroll to access your HiBob account by inputting your Hibob user service ID and token.

Seamless Hibob Integration into Playroll

Step four: Enable time-based synchorinisation of approved leave requests by clicking the toggle in your Playroll dashboard. Once enabled, employee data will automatically start syncing into your Playroll dashboard every 24 hours.

Approve leave requests with Playroll's integration into Hibob

Like what you see? Get started with a free Playroll account today. Schedule a demo to learn more or sign up for a free account.

Playroll Hibob Integration FAQ

Where do I find my API User Service ID?

You can find your Hibob API user Service ID here

What is an API User Service ID?

Employee data from your Hibob account will automatically sync into Playroll every 24 hours.

How much does the Hibob Integration cost to use?

The Hibob Integration is free to use for all Playroll users.

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