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Published: April 28, 2023

What are global mobility services?

What is global mobility services, and how do they unlock a world of opportunity for companies looking to hire in a foreign country
Global Mobility Services

Borderless talent, full compliance

The remote work era has settled in for the long haul. Globalization steams ahead, and flexibility and geographic mobility top the list of employee demands. To remain competitive, businesses are having to adopt increasingly agile global mobility services and strategies and frameworks to tap new international markets, gain access to a bottomless talent pool, and allow their employees to work from anywhere in the world. 

In theory, globalization makes the world the employee’s playground. But moving and hiring talent across borders still presents a host of challenges that need to be overcome before companies can really start to reap the benefits of a truly international workforce.

Enter global mobility services.

Faced with the daunting (and risky) task of untangling a complex knot of legal and tax compliance requirements that vary significantly from country to country, as well as the spiraling costs in both money and time associated with setting up a local entity in a foreign territory, many businesses turn to global mobility services to help them hire employees and contractors internationally. 

For multinational entities, companies ready to scale globally, or companies looking to hire top talent no matter where they are in the world, global mobility services simplify and streamline the process of building a global team, making them an invaluable resource for any organization with its sights set on the horizon.

So, what are global mobility services, exactly? And how does it help businesses with their international expansion strategies? Let’s take a closer look.

Employer of Record services

Good global mobility services providers offer Employer of Record services as the primary basis of their offering, most often through an established network of international subsidiaries. 

An employer of record is an established local entity that becomes the de jure employer of your international talent, accepting full legal liability for every hire. By hiring and paying international employees and contractors through an EOR, businesses avoid the time-consuming and costly process of incorporating their own local entity in the country in which they want to hire. Using an EoR also shields businesses from the risks and penalties associated with accidental non-compliance to local legal and tax requirements.

Visa support services

A global mobility services provider will offer visa support during the visa application and contract creation process, including checking your new hire’s eligibility, managing the application process and relieving your HR team of the associated administrative burden.

Global payroll solutions

Global mobility services include global payroll solutions, which allow HR departments to pay international employees and contractors on time, and in their preferred currency, without having to hire local payroll and tax agents. A global payroll service allows employers to, amongst other things:

  • Accurately calculate the cost of hiring someone in a foreign country
  • Manage contractor invoices and payments
  • Manage tax and contributions
  • Navigate local requirements around benefits and social security
  • Access dynamic insights into localized employee expectations regarding remuneration and benefits

In-country legal counsel

Global mobility services offer in-country legal counsel services, allowing businesses to save on the costs of hiring their own legal professionals country-to-country, and helping companies safely navigate the prohibitively complex rules and regulations governing operations in a foreign jurisdiction.

For global mobility services, choose Playroll

When it comes to global mobility services, Playroll hits all the above marks, and more. 

Through our established network of international subsidiaries, we allow employers to hire in over 170 countries worldwide – fully compliant. Supported by a best-in-class software platform, Playroll allows you to manage all your employees and contractors, all in one place, via the powerful Playroll dashboard. From contract creation to payroll management, Playroll is the missing piece in your global mobility framework. 

But we’ll let the Playroll platform speak for itself. Book your own demo today, and our team will take you through it. 

It’s time to unlock the world of benefits global talent mobility delivers, and it starts with Playroll.

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