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Published: October 4, 2023

Can you work remotely from another country in 2023?

Unlock the potential of remote work for your business! Uncover the benefits and solutions to common remote work challenges and learn how Playroll's expertise help you grow your remote workforce.
Navigate remote work with Playroll

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Key Takeaways

Remote work is described as a transformative shift in the business landscape, offering cost savings, global talent access, and increased employee satisfaction. However, it presents challenges like employee monitoring, communication barriers, and data security concerns. Playroll, an Employer of Record (EOR) service, is highlighted as a solution that helps businesses navigate these challenges, ensuring compliance with local labor laws and fostering successful remote work environments.

What is Remote Work?

Teleworking or remote work if you prefer, signify a revolutionary way of working that has ushered in a new era. Employees now have the ability to break free from the confines of a traditional office space. Working from home or remote locations across the globe has become the norm, redefining our understanding of work and office dynamics. 

It has redefined the business landscape to become a fundamental building block of modern business strategy and has a significant impact on productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost efficiency. Research carried out by Global Workplace Analytics, shows that remote work has risen by 159% in the past decade, and 80% of employees perceive it as a desirable job perk.

Playroll, a Global Employer of Record (EOR) service can help businesses achieve remote work success by managing the complexities of global employment, payroll, taxes, compliance and benefits. With Playroll businesses can effortlessly and compliantly navigate their global marketplace, while building a winning team.

Pros of Remote Work for Businesses

As the rise in connectivity transforms the business landscape, companies are on a quest for global expansion – and with that comes the introduction of remote working. Integrating remote work and flexible working arrangements into business strategies can offer cost savings, access to global talent, and a more engaged workforce. But that’s not all – let’s explore the benefits in more detail:

  1. Improved Cost Efficiency: Remote work has the power to transform business efficiency. From reduced overheads, to saving on office space, it can reduce the cost of operating on a global scale. The cost of running large brick and mortar establishments reduces as fewer employees head to physical offices. Businesses can downsize their physical office spaces, to reduce utility, maintenance and office supply costs and funds be allocated to more pressing business needs.
  2. Access to the world’s talent: Remote work dissolves geographic boundaries. Companies can now hire top talent anywhere in the world giving rise to a more diverse and skilled workforce.
  3. Elevated employee satisfaction and retention: Giving employees the option to work remotely directly boosts employee satisfaction and retention rates. Offering flexible work arrangements shows a commitment to employee well-being, and employees are increasingly recognising the importance of this.
  4. Reduced travel time: Working remotely eliminates the daily commute. Employees get valuable time back on what was once spent in traffic or using public transport. The result? Employees that are more focused and productive during their work hours.
  5. Flexible work arrangements: Implementing flexible work arrangements can help companies better align with employees’ individual working preferences, which can lead to improved time management, less distractions and more productive teams.
  6. Business continuity and disaster readiness: Giving employees the option to work remotely can be the key to maintaining business operations during unexpected disruptions. With remote systems already in place, a business can sustain operations even when office access may be limited.
  7. Environmental responsibility: Embracing the shift to remote, demonstrates eco-consciousness. With less travel to and from the office, businesses play an important role in reducing carbon emissions.
How to achieve remote work success with Playroll

Cons of Remote Work for Businesses

While working remotely can be rewarding there are challenges and limitations to consider. Here’s what to be aware of:

  1. Employee monitoring and accountability: Managing a remote workforce can be challenging especially when it comes to monitoring output and ensuring accountability. And with the lack of physical office space, the challenge of effectively tracking progress is pronounced. 
  2. Communication barriers: With team members dispersed across the globe communication challenges are bound to emerge. Cultural nuances and language barriers become commonplace. To mitigate against this challenge, businesses must invest in effective communication tools and establish clear communication processes.
  3. Data security and privacy concerns: With distributed workers accessing company systems from across the globe, the risk of data leaks and unauthorized access increases, which is why the rise in working remotely has heightened concerns around data security and privacy. Risk mitigation starts with implementing strong security protocols and employee training.
  4. Technological requirements and costs: Remote workers need equipment to effectively carry out their job. But – providing them with the required resources is costly, with the investment into laptops, software licenses, and reliable internet connections adding up quickly.
  5. Maintaining company culture and team cohesion: Building and maintaining a strong company culture and team cohesion can be more challenging in a remote work environment. Lack of face-to-face interaction hinders the development of personal relationships and a sense of belonging among team members.

To be effective in implementing policies for remote workers, businesses must be proactive in their approach towards risk mitigation. To overcome the pitfalls that come with managing remote teams, they must Implement effective communication processes, robust data security measures, and make an effort to preserve company culture.

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How Playroll can Set Your Business up for Remote Work Success

As the teleworking trend continues to ramp up, the key to success lies in successfully navigating remote work policies, global compliance and country specific labour laws. This is where an Employer of Record solution like Playroll comes in. Playroll helps businesses sustainably grow their remote teams and accelerate their global expansion efforts. Here’s how:

  • Locally compliant contracts: Playroll can help your business navigate the complexities of local labour laws in 180+ countries globally. With dedicated legal experts, you can have locally compliant contracts ready in days.
  • Establishment of clear employment policies: With extensive legal expertise, Playroll can help your business establish clear and comprehensive work policies and guidelines that align with local compliance requirements. 
  • Compliance assurance: Playroll’s extensive legal expertise ensures remote work policies comply with local labour laws and regulations minimizing legal risks that often accompany global team managment.
  • Tailored onboarding: Playroll’s tailored onboarding experience ensures your remote workforce is up and running in days not weeks. Employees get access to a dedicated dashboard to manage their leave, view pay slips and have access to dedicated employee success managers to guide them through their onboarding journey.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting. Playroll’s detailed reporting equips you with everything you need to manage your global workforce – in one place. With full oversight on leave balances, expenses and global payroll, you can manage your global teams with ease.
  • Equip your workforce: Offer your remote employees the essential tools and technology needed to work remotely. Playroll can assist in procuring resources, ensuring that your employees have what they need to perform their tasks efficiently.
  • Dedicated support: With dedicated customer and employee support, Playroll can help business resolve issues with your remote teams in hours, not days.
  • Localised Benefits: With extensive localised benefits packages, Playroll can help your business build an engaged workforce.  Provide EOR-backed mental health resources and support to remote employees, fostering their mental well-being. Playroll’s EOR expertise can guide you in implementing such initiatives effectively.

Remote work is not just a reactive response to globalisation; it is a strategic move that can unlock a world of benefits for businesses. As a transformative force in the modern business era, it gives rise to cost savings, global talent and enhanced employee satisfaction. It also aligns with sustainability goals and supports business continuity. When paired with an Employer of Record Service like Playroll, many of the challenges of managing a remote workforce become opportunities for growth, thanks to their global expertise and support.

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