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Published: June 22, 2023

What’s New In Playroll | June Edition

Welcome to the June edition of What’s New in Playroll, where we’re focused on enhancing employer transparency. This month, our main objective is to equip you with fresh tools for improved oversight of your employees. With the introduction of the ability to preview addendums and export earnings and deduction reports, you’ll have comprehensive insights at your fingertips.

We’ve been hard at work this month to help you take your workforce management to new heights. We’ve designed two new features and are excited to shine a spotlight on how our native integrations with industry-leading HR tools can revolutionize and elevate the management of your distributed teams. Ready to learn more? Let’s walk through this month’s updates.

Key takeaways

  • We understand the risk involved in committing to employment terms – Use our addendum preview tool to review new hire employment terms before sending them to authorized signatories.
  • Having full oversight of employee costs is critical when managing distributed teams. Manage employee compensation with our employee earnings and deductions report export feature.
  • Enhance your efficiency when using HR Management tools, BambooHR and HiBob by leveraging the power of our native in-platform integrations, providing you with a more optimised toolset for managing your HR processes.

Introducing addendum previews for seamless contract review and validation

The addendum preview feature was built to improve the workflow of hiring managers, on our platform, by allowing them to review and preview any modifications made to the terms in an employment agreement before sending it for authorization. In this streamlined process, HR managers can ensure accuracy and compliance and natively make critical adjustments saving time and ultimately improving the employee onboarding experience.

Learn more about our addendum preview feature.

Review playroll employee addendums before sending to authorised signatories.

Unlock insights into employee compensation

Introducing the earnings and deductions report export feature – an innovative tool designed to facilitate payroll analysis and provide full transparency for finance teams. Employers can seamlessly export a detailed summary of employee earnings and deductions based on specific filters with accuracy to make informed decisions and confidently verify payroll transactions. Say goodbye to time-consuming data collection and hello to a painless solution that empowers your finance team.

Learn more about our employee compensation and deductions report.

Export Employee compensation data with Playrolls native earnings and deductions report

Seamlessly Connect Playroll to Your Hibob Directory

HiBob is an HRIS platform powering global payroll and employee management, while Playroll provides payroll and compliant hiring solutions for remote teams. With Playroll, HiBob companies are able to hire legally in over 180 countries within minutes – powering a truly global workforce. With our newest integration, users can map time-off types and requests from HiBob into Playroll, keeping HiBob as their source of truth –  providing effortless consolidation and signaling the end of manual data imports.

BambooHR Integration

Learn more about Playroll’s integration into Hibob.

Playroll integrates with BambooHR to streamline hiring and onboarding of global talent

BambooHR is a software enabling companies to hire, onboard and pay talent, globally. Through this partnership with Playroll, we’ve built a solution to enable HR teams with a streamlined integration syncing employee data and automating repetitive tasks.

Automatically import employee info from Bamboo HR into Playroll with a native integration

The BambooHR and Playroll integration syncs new hire data into both platforms – creating a centralized source of truth. Once onboarding is complete in Playroll for EOR hires, our integration syncs employee information back into BambooHR, as well as, the reverse. For employees whose time is managed through Playroll, we also sync time-off requests into BambooHR – syncing approval requests, as well as, time off-management – again removing operational admin. We know your HR team is busy, so this new integration was built to ensure we keep all your employee data up to date, saving you time from duplicate tasks across multiple platforms. Best of all, this integration is 100% free for customers of BambooHR and Playroll!

Learn more about Playroll’s integration with BambooHR.

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