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Published: May 23, 2023

What’s New in Playroll | May 2023

Welcome to the May edition of What's New in Playroll. This month is all about improving remote hiring & onboarding. Source global talent, forecast employee leave and streamline employee onboarding with an updated overview in your Admin panel.

Greetings Playroller’s – we’ve been busy developing new features to make your life a whole lot easier. Everything we’ve been developing has been created to support a personalized hiring and onboarding experience for your talent, at scale, all the while reducing admin. Now let’s scroll through this month’s updates.

Key takeaways

  • We’ve updated our onboarding tracker granting you enhanced transparency to keep you updated as to where your employees are in their onboarding process.
  • We know remote teams are distributed; support your hourly employees with enhanced attendance and time tracking.
  • Streamline time-off forecasting & reporting with an integrated global guide for statutory public holidays for your talent.
  • Empower your organization with access to a global workforce. Seamlessly connect with vetted recruitment specialists from around the world, while allowing Playroll to compliantly onboard your future talent, all within one dashboard – try our “Find Talent” feature.

Take your employee onboarding to new heights

The newly revamped onboarding tracker provides greater visibility of where employees are, in their onboarding process. From the moment you finalise their employment terms, to when they sign their employment agreement – Playroll provides you with the granularity you need on your talent’s onboarding journey.

Statuses can be found by navigating to the Contracts page on your dashboard. Here you will see aggregate status’s and you can also identify missing tasks, or bottlenecks quickly. Learn more about the our Global Onboarding Tracker.

Time management wizardry 🧙 for your workforce

Playroll’s time management tool allows employees to accurately log working hours. Note, this is especially beneficial for territories where this is a legal requirement, or for businesses with hourly employment structures. Employers gain newfound flexibility in effortlessly managing and monitoring employee’s working hours, meanwhile providing an easy to use web-app for talent to log and forecast hours.

With just a few clicks, employers can seamlessly review, approve or decline [where applicable] recorded working hours, facilitating precise time management and streamlined operations. Like what you see? Walk through Playroll’s Time Management Tracker.

Time Tracking 2 | Image | Playroll | Employer of Record | international payroll

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Planning upcoming holiday’s have become even more breezy 🏝 with Playroll’s Public Holiday API

The Public Holiday tracker allows employee’s to better plan for time off. Now, the deduction of leave days will automatically consider territory-specific public holidays across 180 regions globally.  This newly added feature provides employers and employees with valuable information about their applied leave, enabling better planning and management of workforce resources.

Public holidays relevant to an employee’s territory are automatically pulled into the leave application tool, allowing them to easily and accurately apply for time off, learn more.

PH 1 | Image | Playroll | Employer of Record | international payroll

Say goodbye to long candidate search times

Unlock a global talent pool and find the perfect fit for your team with our efficient “Find Talent” tool. Now employers can effortlessly explore the global talent pool, by simply uploading or manually typing out a job spec, defining the territory for hire and specifying their available budget for the role. Upon submission, Playroll will connect you with vetted and local recruiters. Sound interesting? Learn more.

Find Candidate 1 | Image | Playroll | Employer of Record | international payroll

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