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Published: February 24, 2022

Where to Find the Best Tech Talent Outside the US

Outsourcing global talent is the new normal. As mobility increases, more companies are looking to boast the sharpest and shiniest talent - broadening their scope to a global scale.
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Finding kick-ass talent is no walk in the park – just ask the H.R. gurus of companies that have been affected by The Great Resignation!

While the wounds may take a minute to heal, the bad news is that companies are struggling to replace talent that has chosen to relocate. The good news is that the recruitment pool is practically bursting with incredible talent from around the world.

One industry that has welcomed global recruitment with open arms is the tech sector. In 2021, the global tech market ranked at roughly 5 trillion dollars, with the U.S. contributing a 35% chunk of that figure, placing them first in the global contribution. But other countries are putting in the work and fast catching up. 

If you are looking to expand your talent pool globally, check out these top countries outside the U.S. that boast some of the best tech talent.

So, What’s the Difference Between Working from Home, Remotely and Hybrid Working 


There’s a reason why the Emerald Isle has been chosen to host the European headquarters for many household names such as Google, Linkedin, Indeed and Twitter. Their long history of international collaborations goes back to 1956 with I.B.M., followed by other multinational powerhouses such as Ericson and Microsoft.

These early links lead the way to an increase in tech education in their schooling systems and A.I. centres in the higher education institutes. So it’s no surprise that Ireland is the hotspot for some of the best A.I. tech talent in the world.


Ranking second on Bloomberg’s global list of largest tech hubs, Sweden has invested a huge chunk of their funds into S.T.E.M. education across all levels. Overall, the country places emphasis on work-life balance and mastering a culture of purpose over a paycheck. They sure are doing something right, producing over 20 000 tech specialists in the capital city of Stockholm alone.

South Korea

If you’re looking for robotics tech talent, South Korea is the place to be. Their numbers speak for themselves. Producing eight times more robots than the global average, making their automation competition eat their dust. The Global Automation Index gave them the highest overall score out of 25 countries prepared for automation. And their talent pool is set to only get bigger with local governments joining forces with the private sector, pledging to produce 30 000 robotics specialists by the end of 2030.


Although still considered a third-world country, Indonesia has been on a mission to change that title, showing great growth in the tech industry. Their academic system is focused on tech education from a young age. A Cambridge report shows that 39% of schoolgoers want to take a computer science course and 6% are looking at software engineering. Indonesia has several training and education institutions that aim to build a deep talent pool for tech industries and startups.


When talking about tech development, Israel is a hot topic—securing its place as the top hub for tech talent in the Middle East and worldwide. Access to even basic education is still a challenge globally, and Israel has knocked down that hurdle with a free schooling system and lower costs for higher education institutes. Due to this focus on education, Israel is producing the most tech talent in various sectors of the tech field, leading to a boom in tech startups coming out of the country.

The Sky’s the Limit

With digital technology reshaping H.R. processes and tackling almost every challenge at a push of a button, it is easy to forget the days of dial-up internet connections and mountains of paperwork! 

Widening your cast to foreign countries when recruiting talent has never been so easy. Aside from the skillsets and affordability that foreign talent offers, recruiting internationally helps in diversifying the working environment and accelerates global growth. 

And who knows, with all that technology can do, there will soon be software to manage international payments, take full responsibility for your foreign entity and ensure that your compliance is up to scratch. Oh, but wait, there already is. Playroll!

We can help you navigate the process of drafting policies, setting up entities for relocating employees and the hassle of local employment law compliance and employee classification in new countries

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