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Published: July 27, 2022

Playroll & OfferZen Partnership

With 200+ new developers added each week from across Europe and Africa, OfferZen makes it easy to identify and engage with your next technical hire.
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Partnership Announcement

Playroll is excited to announce our partnership with OfferZen, a leading talent marketplace for software development roles.

With 200+ new developers added each week from across Europe and Africa, OfferZen makes it easy to identify and engage with your next technical hire.

At Playroll, we believe that growing your global team shouldn’t be a lengthy, complicated, and expensive process. That is why we are confident that OfferZen’s vetted global talent supply and PlayRoll’s easy to use Global Hiring platform is a winning combination.

We’ve already seen numerous success stories of Playroll customers able to quickly and effectively scale up their technical teams through OfferZen, and we want to make it accessible for all businesses to access this unique opportunity.

That is why we are excited to offer all Playroll customers an exclusive discount of 50% off of their first hire with OfferZen.*

Commenting on the partnership with Playroll, OfferZen Co-founder Brett Jones said,

“At OfferZen, we believe that talent isn’t just in your backyard but that Talent is Everywhere. Our partnership with Playroll is helping our customers scale faster by enabling them to hire from a far larger talent pool of remote developers across Europe and Africa.”

Aaron Chazen, Partnerships Manager at Playroll echoed Brett’s sentiment saying,

“Our partnership with OfferZen provides companies a turnkey solution for hiring remote developers. Within a matter of days our clients are able to source ideal candidates and compliantly hire and payroll talent across the EMEA region. Our joint value proposition is truly changing the game for companies worldwide”

Event overview

As part of our partnership launch, we are co-hosting an exclusive event with OfferZen:

How to win at hiring quality remote tech talent in Africa on August 11th 2022 at 18:00 CET 

Save me a seat

The post pandemic surge in tech hiring has created an apparent lack of senior tech talent in developed markets. Even as overall hiring slows, hiring managers continue struggling to fill their tech talent pipelines. 

One way to address this challenge is tapping into new pools of high quality tech talent. Africa has a large pool of skilled developers who are remote-ready: 74% of engineering teams in Africa work remotely, and 43% of African developers want to work for global companies. 

At our upcoming webinar with OfferZen, we’re spotlighting African software developer talent and how remote is making this a viable talent pool for tech companies and startups (38% of African devs now work for a company outside the continent).

Save me a seat

We’ll be unpacking:

  • Learnings from companies who successfully hire remote talent in Africa
  • How to de-risk your first tech hire in Africa with Playroll and OfferZen
  • What makes tech talent in Africa a competitive advantage for your company

Event attendees will not only get an OfferZen swag pack, but will also receive a special one-time offer on PlayRoll and OfferZen fees – redeemable HERE

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