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Published: November 4, 2022

Hire the right talent, wherever they are: leading assessment platform Testlify partners with Playroll.

To succeed at building remote teams, businesses need digital tools to measure skills accurately and quickly. That’s a difficult balance to strike, and our new partners at Testlify have got it down to a fine art. We’re delighted to welcome Testlify into our partner network.
Testlify partners with Playroll

Make hiring exciting again, with Testlify.

Testlify streamlines the hiring process by automating skills assessment in a way that engages candidates and enables recruiters to eliminate doubt.

Their assessments are designed to provide stress-free, frictionless experiences for candidates while giving companies enough insight to determine whether they have the skills for the job.

With a high completion rate and a proven track record of delivering relevant results, Testlify assessments can be relied on to make sound judgments about each candidate’s aptitude and suitability for roles. With Testlify, companies can expect to make quality hires up to 3 times faster than usual. 

By helping their clients to scale their hiring efforts – without scaling costs – Testlify truly delivers on their promise to “make hiring exciting again.”

Playroll: exploring the frontiers of global recruitment.

Playroll’s international network of subsidiaries makes it possible for globally-minded businesses to hire and retain talent in over 170 countries, without their own local entities.

Using Playroll’s state-of-the-art platform, these businesses can hire international candidates in minutes, with automated employee onboarding and a ready-made legal infrastructure that ensures ongoing compliance with local labor laws and regulations. 

Mastering the art of Remote Recruitment: a conversation between Playroll and Testlify.

To kick off this exciting new partnership, Testlify is hosting a conversation between their founder and COO, Pratik Thakker, and Aaron Chazen, Partner Manager at Playroll.

They’ll be discussing the art of remote recruitment, and how companies should be rethinking their recruitment processes to meet the challenges of the remote-first era. 

It promises to be a highly informative session for recruiters and growth stakeholders, with each speaker tackling the topic from a unique perspective. To hear the conversation live, book your spot using this link.

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