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Published: July 18, 2023

Enhance Leave Synchronisation With the Improved BambooHR Leave Mapper

Who can use it? Designed exclusively for BambooHR users - sync leave types between the two playforms.
Seamlessly map leave from BambooHR to Playroll with the leave mapper tool.

Tracking employee leave records accurately between BambooHR and Playroll is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and ensuring fair employee compensation. Errors or miscommunications in leave tracking resulting from incorrect leave mapping between an employee’s BambooHR account and their Playroll dashboard can lead to payroll discrepancies and frustration. To mitigate this issue and reduce error, we have introduced improved leave tracking functionality for BambooHR users.

The importance of accurate leave tracking

Managing and tracking employee leave effectively between two platforms, like that of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Employer of Record Platform (EoR), can be a challenging task. Different types of leave, such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, and more, each have specific rules around their respective balances and entitlements, depending on the territory. Many organisations use both HRIS systems and Employer of Record platforms to manage their distributed workforces and failure to accurately synchronise leave between these two types of platforms can result in multiple issues including payroll errors and employees not being appropriately compensated for their time off.

Introducing the improved BambooHR leave mapper

Our team recognised the need to take our integration to the next level and introduce a more sophisticated integration between BambooHR and Playroll when it comes to leave syncronisation.  With the introduction of the BambooHR leave mapper, leave can now synchornise with more accuracy between a BambooHR company account and their Playroll Platform, thus removing the headache of double-checking leave data between two different platforms. With this improved functionality, employers can map specific leave types used in their BambooHR account to equivalent leave types in their Playroll dashboard for accurate alignment between the two platforms.

Here’s an example: Illness Leave in BambooHR can now be mapped to Sick Leave in Playroll, providing more accurate and convenient leave classification for users of both platforms. This means that any leave requests or updates made in BambooHR will automatically reflect the correct leave type in Playroll, diminishing the chance of errors or inconsistencies.

Simplifying the process of leave application

Effortless leave mapping can be done at the integration set up level, ensuring accurate leave classification from the get-go.

 Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Integration Setup: customers who have integrated BambooHR with our Playroll platform automatically gain access to the Bamboo HR Leave Mapper tool.
Manage leave with better accuracy with the updated bambooHR leave mapper
đź’ˇ Tip: to accurately map leave types, click the configuration button next to “Configure Time off Types from BambooHR”. 

2. Mapping leave types: within the integration settings, employers can map the leave types in BambooHR to their corresponding types in Playroll. For instance, Vacation on BambooHR can be mapped to Annual Leave on the Playroll platform. This ensures that the leave classifications align accurately across both systems.

Map leave types from BambooHR directly to Playroll with the salary map tool

3. Synchronized updates: once leave mapping has been configured, each time an employee requests leave or updates their time-off details in BambooHR, the leave mapper will automatically synchronize the information with Playroll, ensuring that leave types are correctly classified and reflected across both platforms.

By utilizing the Leave Mapper, our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their leave tracking records are synchronized accurately, minimizing the risk of payroll errors and ensuring fair compensation for their employees.

Streamline your hiring practices with BambooHR and Playroll

To simplify the hiring practices for BambooHR users integrated with Playroll, BambooHR, and Playroll have collaborated to create a simple yet powerful integration. With the BambooHR and Playroll integration employee data effortlessly syncs between the two platforms, helping HR Professionals optimise their hiring strategy and maintain accurate employee records.

Ineffective leave tracking is costing your business time and money. Integrate your BambooHR account with Playroll and experience a more efficient way of managing your workforce. Interested in learning how Playroll can help you streamline your leave tracking practices?

Schedule a demo to learn more or sign up for a free account.

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