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Published: August 4, 2022

Global Payroll Processing: The Best Providers In 2022

Global payroll processing is evolving as more of the global workforce goes remote. We’ve put together a list of the providers that have impressed us the most in 2022, based on their global reach, the services they offer and what their customers have to say about their experiences. Here’s our quick guide, with the occasional hat tip.
Global Payroll Processing the Best Providers in 2022

We’re not the only players in the global payroll business, and we believe in giving credit where it’s due. There’s plenty of credit to go around: connecting a global workforce and keeping track of compliance across multiple jurisdictions is a technological, legal and logistical challenge. A challenge of that size attracts innovation – the HR software market is estimated at around a cool $16 billion, after all. So we’ve put together our own round-up of the top 5 global payroll providers in 2022, using three main criteria:

  1. Global coverage: how many countries does the provider open to you?
  2. Offering: does the provider allow you to onboard both employees and contractors?
  3. Customer service: do you get ongoing support and up-to-date tech solutions to the problems you face? 

Here’s the cheat-sheet version, in no particular order:

  • Playroll
  • Deel
  • Remote
  • Oyster
  • Globalization Partners

For the juice, read on!

Why are there so many global payroll providers?

There’s no shortage of global payroll and Employer of Record (EOR) organizations out there. They’ve emerged to help companies to expand their global footprint and compete for the best remote talent. Some of them are EOR partners first and foremost, while others are HR companies that double as payroll providers. That’s not necessarily a weakness in all cases – more on that later. But each has its own strengths, which you need to understand before you make a decision.

The top 5 global payroll processing providers in 2022

These are the providers that we think are knocking it out of the park in 2022. 

Deel: the rising star

Founded in 2019, Deel continues to move from strength to strength. They’ve been able to achieve a great deal in a short space of time by focusing on one problem, and going deep: Deel helps you to hire in 150 countries, without needing to set up your own entities. They offer solutions for hiring full-time staff, as well as contractors. 

One of the things they’re known for is allowing payments in cryptocurrency. The Deel team believes that truly flexible hiring isn’t just about location – it’s also about choosing how you want to be paid. That’s why Deel offers easy integration with Coinbase. Overall, Deel offers a laser-focused solution to international hiring, with a user-friendly interface and great customer service.

Remote: EOR meets HCM

Like Deel, Remote is something of a newcomer, but they’re also making waves. Remote does exactly what it sounds like: facilitate remote hiring across the globe, as an Employer of Record. But it goes a step further: Remote offers its clients additional Human Capital Management (HCM) tools, like vacation management, time-off tracking and HR management. 

By offering a more broad-based solution, Remote has racked up an impressive list of brands that trust them to provide global payroll solutions. Just like Playroll, Remote doesn’t rely on intermediaries in the countries where they operate. This means they’re able to offer competitive pricing and excellent on-the-ground services. 

Globalization Partners: industry heavyweights

Globalization Partners offers some of the best EOR partnership services on the market, with an impressive customer satisfaction rating to match. They’re able to offer payroll and compliance in 187 countries, and facilitate payment in 180 currencies. Globalization Partners’ AI-driven technology makes it easier than ever to assemble an A-team from all around the world, without needing to establish your own entities on foreign soil.

Oyster: remote-first

Oyster makes the world, well, your oyster! With an impressive network of entities covering over 180 countries, Oyster lets you onboard global talent quickly and easily as a reputable EOR. In addition to this, Oyster helps you hire and manage contractors. They’re well known for maintaining high standards when it comes to security, and for offering a healthcare plan that covers staff in 175 countries. 

The Oyster team are also fully remote themselves, with a widely distributed workforce. They understand nomadic work life possibly better than most!

Playroll: veteran talent, fresh strategy

Needless to say, we’re taking notes at Playroll. We know our corner of the SaaS world and we’re driven to provide the solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. We’ve spent 25 years building our fully-owned global employment infrastructure as part of the VAT IT Group, which services half of all Fortune 500 companies. 

That’s one of the reasons Playroll is so well positioned to navigate global payroll processing, at exactly the time when these services are needed the most. We’re not an HRIS platform that doubles as an EOR. Instead, we focus on opening doors for you to hire employees and pay contractors anywhere you like, and stay compliant with local regulations throughout the relationship. And while we offer a cutting-edge platform, we also understand the need for balance: we provide human support to help our clients make the most of our platform. 

Your ticket to friction-free global expansion

If you’re looking for a global payroll solution to kickstart your global expansion, there’s really only good news. With a wealth of providers to choose from, you’re in a position to sift them all to find a solution that fits your needs best. 

If you’re considering Playroll as your EOR or contractor management partner, it’s time to put us through our paces. Let’s talk about how we can power this new, exciting phase in the life of your business, for 2022 and beyond.

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